Sophia Luv clothes

The fact remains that slim and pretty models sell certain products better.  Thus, I don’t understand the huge backlash against the Protein World advertisement featuring a trim and fit blonde.  Hello, it is a fitness product!  Plus-sized models won’t sell as many and do not appeal to the target market of Protein World.  This is purely a business decision, why can’t fat women and masculine feminists just understand that?

Sophia Luv clothes are gorgeous; but the shop wouldn’t enjoy its busy sales if it chose an obese model to showcase its apparel.  After all, its target market is slim ladies who need to dress well for work and who, most likely, need to meet customers and business partners as part of their job.

Like it or not, slim women work in more high profile jobs.  Fat women may complain about unfairness, but their lower wages commensurate with their efforts at maintaining their image.  They can say that beauty is skin-deep whereas ugliness is reflected both inside and out.  Well, if they believe what they claim, then they must truly believe that they’re really, really, ugly and fat!

I happen to agree with them.  The external reflects the internal, so if we women respect and value ourselves, we would take utmost care of our appearance.  We wouldn’t appear like slobs in public and demand respect and admiration (especially validation about our attractiveness).  We wouldn’t scream about oppression when we understand that we cannot control others; we can only control ourselves.

The conclusion is: fat women are controlling and social justice warriors and feminists are only enabling them to continue to control and oppress the general public.

Wishing you fun,



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