Portion sizes and cheddar mini lamb patties

A friend from Hawaii, Scott, flew over for a visit.  He was here for the fish convention because he was into betas and stayed for 2 weeks.  We had a lot of fun and I enjoyed bringing him around, as well as introducing him to the delights of our local hawker fare : )

It really hit home, however, when he remarked in surprise, “You guys eat like birds!”  Then I remembered.  When I stayed in the US, I could never finish an entire plate of food on my own when eating out.  My family holidayed there with long-time friends and the 4 of us frequently had to share an entree and a main.

It’s no surprise, then, that overweight ladies in the US complain about the difficulty they face losing the weight despite eating healthy.  To illustrate, I’ll share 1 of my favourite unhealthy snacks: Jagabee.  It’s a Japanese potato snack and, by golly, it’s delicious.  We buy a pack which comes in smaller packets when opened.

This is what 1 small packet looks like and this is the portion I eat.

2015-07-06 21.49.12

No wonder you guys think we’re starving elsewhere in the world!  No, we’re not.  We’re still alive now, aren’t we?  The Asian population hasn’t suddenly been wiped off the face of the earth.  But these are the portions of unhealthy snacks we indulge in.  And we stop at just ONE packet to remain slim. It may be difficult to suddenly reduce your portion size so drastically, so how about cutting your portion size by a quarter for starters? : ) #haes #bodypositive

Life would be boring without red meat.  I don’t take beef, but lamb, pork and duck?  Yes, please!  So take some lamb mince and marinade it with oyster sauce, mixed herbs, ground black pepper and Guinness.  Mix in grated cheddar, then leave the mixture in the fridge overnight.

Shape the lamb patties into little patties about the size of your middle 3 fingers.  Then, on medium-high heat, melt butter.  Fry the adorable little things until browned and they’ve shrunk a little.


So cute, right?! : )  Enjoy with beer or a glass of red.


Wishing you fun,



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