Shops Fashion clothes and power walking up a sweat

Love Korean clothes?  Well, Shops Fashion – in addition to selling apparel on Zalora Singapore – has its very own website, with a wide range of gorgeous apparel to choose from!  Dresses are pretty and very convenient, saving us time from mixing and matching when we need to work.

Yen Ling and I own quite a number because, like any woman who isn’t a masculine feminist, we relish opportunities to dress up!

100A0955 - MAXI DRESS In Grey 104A0270 - BODYCON MAXI IN BLACK

 Short Sleeve Mermaid Dress - 102a1516 Becca Flare Dress 105a3538

I bought the grey maxi with the tastefully sexy slit! 😀

Louisa Split Shoulder Knitted Dress - 105a1932 Florentina Mermaid Dress - 105a7881

Bonnie Bodycon Dress Janice Bodycon Dress - 104a8302

It’s common knowledge that feminists despise feminine women and, going by my interactions with these belligerent warriors, I would say it’s true.  It’s because feminine women make them feel even less like women and, deep inside, they lament their own masculinity 😛

‘Are you too blind to see that I would look totally tragic in those ridiculously frilly, girly dresses, you sad, sad, retard?’ – feminists like Angry Man 😛


What do we do with clothes that have worn out and no longer look presentable in public?  Turn them into exercise gear!  I do power walking for cardio.  Exercising is a stress reliever and helps to dispel mental fatigue after a long day.  A shower after working up a sweat feels especially good!


Feminists would disagree though.  They prefer to hone their intelligence by thinking up more malicious insults to hurl at feminine women and men! 😛

Wishing you fun,



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