Lamb and pumpkin stew

My man doesn’t enjoy a wide variety of veggies, thus, when making meals, one has to find ways and means to make them palatable to his finicky tastebuds.  He loves meat – especially red meat – so lamb is a staple in our meals.  In order to make dishes more interesting, I vary the sauces and accompanying veggies.

We marinated the lamb mince with red wine, a smidgen of Marmite, mixed herbs and ground black pepper overnight.  Melt butter at medium-high heat and fry the meat till nicely browned.  Set aside, reserving the grease.  Fry the pumpkin, then add stock and let it boil till the pumpkin chunks are tender.


It should look something like this : )  Once the pumpkin has softened, pour in red wine and let it continue to simmer till the liquid is reduced.  Add the lamb back to the mixture, sprinkle mixed herbs and black pepper generously, then turn off heat and serve immediately.



Wishing you fun,



Thank you for the memories, Marcus!

Marcus, Yen Ling and I form a trio known as the ‘Piak Piak Triplets’! 😛  What this means will not be discussed in this blog, except the fact that we even have a Whatsapp chat group with this name, where we trade photos and yakkity yak 😛  Sadly, Marcus tendered his resignation 😦  Yen Ling and I decided to buy our triplet a farewell meal at Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery.

The place is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!


Like, WOW??????????


Yen Ling and I happily took photos.  Marcus was also impressed!  Since he was leaving the company in a few days, we naturally had to squeeze in the opportunity to be photographed with him again!  Poor waiter got dragged into our camwhoring efforts *giggles*  He seemed to find us amusing 😛


This was a tad too bright, so the wait staff decided to try 1 more time without us asking!  We love his high standards 😛


All he needed to do was shift his position and VOILA! 😀  We loved the photos! 😀

Wild Honey is on Level 3 of Mandarin Gallery.  The menu boasts tons of breakfast food for all meals! 😀  It’s very popular amongst locals and expats alike, so the crowds were pretty decent on a weekday : )  Here’s my choice – poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, delicate perched on grilled veggies and toast.


Prices might be a bit steeper than other restaurants, but the food is fresh and delicious, the presentation elegant and the classy ambience, divine!  It’s a place I’ll definitely visit again!

Wishing you fun,


Fun in the office and corn and lamb frittata!

I was in a sheath dress from Zalora Singapore and feeling great from the compliments my gracious co-workers gave : )  Then I spied Marcus in a pair of spunky pants!  Boy did it help perk up a Monday and those horrid Monday bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuues! 😛


Isn’t he a cutie???!!!  Ms Ah, a long time friend of mine, thinks he’s soooooooooo adorable!  He’s her eye candy for sure!  Lindy offered to capture the moment of fun and Marcus graciously obliged 😛  I think he enjoyed the compliments as well 😛

Lamb again, yeah 😛  My man and I love it 😛  So the lamb is marinated with Guinness, oyster sauce, mixed herbs and ground black pepper overnight.  Melt butter at medium-high heat, then brown some garlic and fry the lamb till nice and browned.  Add canned corn kernels, as well as more oyster sauce, mixed herbs, ground black pepper and Guinness.  Reduce the sauce till it looks like this.


Next, bake the frittata or your wok as stated in my previous frittata entries : )  And there you have it, a delicious and nutritious dinner! : )



Wishing you fun,


Chicken stew and Kooding clothes!

Clean eating means consuming fresh and wholesome food.  This includes *surprise surprise* MEAT!  It doesn’t mean veggies, veggies and more veggies and fruit all the time.  It only entails cutting out unhealthy junk that’s bad for health.  Fat feminists have sold lie after lie about what clean eating is all about.


If rabbit food is what clean eating is all about, my man would resist it with a vengeance!  But he doesn’t and has adapted to it readily : )  No way would he trust me like this if I behaved like a feminist 😛  So here’s the recipe for a delicious stew, the way we like it for dinner : )

Poke holes in chicken thighs and marinade in sesame oil, oyster sauce, mixed herbs and black pepper overnight.

Melt butter on medium heat, drizzle soy sauce, sprinkle herbs and fry potato chunks and baby carrots for about 1 to 2 minutes.  Turn down heat setting to low, add stock, cover and cook for another 15 to 20 minutes or till they start getting tender.  Turn heat up to medium again and fry chicken thighs for another 1 to 2 minutes.  Add stock, soy or oyster sauce, herbs and black pepper, then cover and cook on low heat again till the chicken is about three-quarters.

Turn heat up to medium, stir in the raw onions and cook till the onions are soft and the chicken is done.  Stir in cream cheese, add a dash of sherry and more seasoning as preferred.  Turn off heat and serve immediately.


Doesn’t take much to keep a man happy 😛

‘You sad, sad retard!  ALL MEN are rapists, sexists and misogynists!’ – screech manly feminists like Angry Man 😛


Many Asian women have a column body shape, including yours truly.  Generally, we have a smaller build that is easy to dress.  We look good in separates, mini skirts, shorts, jeggings and skinny jeans, which is what I love wearing : )  Asian retailers like Kooding stock plenty of these : )

Half Turtleneck Sheer Knit

Boat Neck Slim Fit Tee

Half Turtleneck Golgi Tee

Toto Knit Sleeveless Tee

So slim ladies in the US who have difficulty finding clothes for your column body shape, go Asian!  Nobody will do clothes that fit you like a glove the way Asian retailers do!

Craduk Shorts

Bidsian Shorts

Cool Linen Shorts

Leofun Shorts

They’re so, so, cute!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Elinme H Line Leather Skirt

A Turn Skirt

Swenbe Skirt

Nature Floral Skirt

And while feminists like Angry Man (see my previous entries about Semarang to understand the details) insult our column-shaped bodies by saying we have no boobs before deleting their post content *ooops, sorry to expose you, Angry Man! :P* we can enjoy our mini dresses and skirts fully!

Wishing you fun,


JobandShop clothes

Whilst I love dresses and wear them often for work and on weekends, separates are still more fun.  They allow us fashionistas to mix and match different items to create our own unique looks for different occasions and to suit varying moods.  Some days, we want to be a little bit girly or alluring or sexy : )

GSS807 outer white  GSS6057 outer white

RQ1771 blouse black $26.20 Sale HLB5306 office top white $18.60

Sale HG5806 blouse white $13.50 Sale HLB2551 blouse $16.90

Sale HG4333 blouse black $16.90 RE67001 coat purple $30.60

Separates facilitate creativity for outfits whereas for dresses, one can only play around with accessories and scarves.  There’s enough variety of tops and bottoms at JobandShop, an online retailer that sells cheap and trendy clothes for work and weekends alike!  You can still look a million bucks on lazy Saturdays and Sundays! : )

GB8015 vest white $17.90 RE1582 coat black $20.50

KHG109 top+skirt   KHG8002 top+skirt white

GSS905 top+skirt white JNS1422 top+skirt $26.00 6039507507883-FL3LVC特1GSS275 top+skirt Sale HBJ5751 top+pants red

I also like 2-piece matching combos that we can wear together like a complete dress or romper and separately with other items in our closets!  If, like me, you love playing dress-up, you’ll also have tons of separates in your wardrobe 😛  At least we’re having more fun with clothes than feminists who’re soooooo paranoid about being objectified 😛

Wishing you fun,


Sinful goodness!

Comments sections in articles frequently include remarks such as:

“I probably eat healthier than those skinny girls who can indulge in XXX (insert fatty food of your choice.”

“Skinny girls don’t necessarily have healthy eating habits.”

“Healthy eating is so boring.”

“I’d rather be fat and happy than starve on a lettuce leaf and be miserable.”

Let’s put age aside for the moment.  Now I’m considered slim – or ‘skinny’ according to some #effyourbeautystandards# – and I’ve written about eating salads and healthy protein.  I’ve also written about consuming sinful snacks like sausages and spam.  Here’s a gloriously sinful lunch!


Chris and I caught up at Coffee Club.  We hadn’t seen each other for about a month or 2.  It was definitely time to exchange our news!  1 of the tastiest meals at the cafe is the country pie.  It’s good ol’ chicken chunks and mixed veggies in a creamy sauce, topped with mashed potato and melted mozzarella.

The main comes with a small salad and cheesy toasts : )

Boy is it delicious! 😀

Oh oh oh and all washed down with icy sangria!


So to the body activists and SJWs out there, it isn’t always that slim folks eat more unhealthily than you.  It’s because they may reserve their indulgences to those times they’re out with you so as not to hurt your feelings.  Try not to jump to conclusions about their eating habits, yah? : ) #haes #fatspo #bodypositive #bodyacceptance

Wishing you fun,


Feminist lies and curried shrimp and broccoli scramble

Feminists love to brag about their degrees, careers and confidence, whilst simultaneously undermining traditional women.  They paint us as inept, incompetent, unintelligent and totally incapable of taking care of ourselves.  Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but we’re probably juggling far more than you do, and very well at that!

What makes feminists think we don’t have our own careers?  What makes them think we don’t possess degrees?  What makes them think we don’t earn good salaries or aren’t valued by our bosses?  If you read my previous entries, you’ll know that I have a good career, earn a decent pay, have a degree and have a good relationship with my boss.

You’ll also know that in addition to the above, I have a very fulfilling relationship with my man and lovely home life.  On top of that, I still manage my time enough to be able to exercise on a regular basis, eat clean AND prepare hot and nutritious meals for him!  In fact, I daresay that traditional women beat feminists, flat! 😛

‘How dare you expose our lies, you sad, sad retard?’ shriek feminists like Angry Man the world over 😛

Now if you’re convinced that home-cooked meals are good for you too, you might want to try this recipe to tempt your partner to eat his veggies.  Melt butter on medium heat, drizzle a little soy sauce and fry broccoli.  Turn down the heat to the lowest setting, cover and cook till the broccoli turns moderately soft.

Push the broccoli aside in the pan, turn up the heat to medium and fry your shrimp.  Drizzle more soy sauce if needed.  Add curry powder and mix everything up, then cover and cook at the lowest heat setting again till the prawns are done and the broccoli is tender.  Beat 2 eggs, pour them into the mixture and let it continue to cook.  Stir every so often so that the eggs are as evenly distributed as possible.

Turn off heat and serve immediately.  I just happen to like making my food moderately visually appealing 😛



Wishing you fun,