Ninth Collective Clothes and office snacks

Ninth Collective used to be known as The Blush Inc.  Whatever the reason for the name change, its target market remains the same – ladies working in the office and looking for affordable, presentable and fashionable work clothes!  Yen Ling and I check out the new designs quite often : )

Just because we’re working in offices doesn’t mean we need to dress like prudes – or worse, men! 😛

Lucky for us, there’re many pieces available at The Ninth Collective which we can throw a jacket over at work, then shed the jacket for dinner : )  We are women; wouldn’t it be terribly boring if we dress like men?  The privilege of being women is, we have much more interesting wardrobes!

Now for an office snack I keep in my drawers or carry in my purse : )


EGO garlic roasted peas!  The packet comes in small handy packets, just nice to shove inside your bag for the times when hunger pangs hit : )  They’re tasty and filled with nutrition… ANDANDAND they’re much healthier than potato chips!  So keep these yummy treats around!

Wishing you fun,



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