Ellysage clothes and Korean Korean Korean!

Most ladies are too busy with work, our spouses and families and other stuff to do much shopping, but we still want to look presentable when we head out of the house.  We’re very lucky to have so many online retailers selling affordable and pretty clothes so we can browse in the comfort of our homes!

There are new arrivals at Ellysage frequently, so there’s always something fresh to browse when I pop by if I want to update my burst wardrobe 😛

Lovelle Pleated Double Take Dress (Teal) Kenzie Crystallized Butterfly Shirt

Galya Heather Shorts Hosanna Basic Slip Dress (Red)

One doesn’t need to sacrifice style for comfort : )

Juniper Suede Wrap Skirt (Black) Marriott Off Duty Striped Dress

**ELLYSAGE Exclusive** Princeton Peter-Pan Crop Top (Navy) Cosima Tie Rave Skirt (Blue)

So many clothes to choose from, which helps when you have so little time!

There’s no need to look like those sloppy feminists just because the weather is warm! 😛

Yen Ling and I decided to have some Korean food for a change.  We took a cab to Central at Clarke Quay and went to Seoul Yummy at Level 2.  What many diners love about Korean food is, they always serve free appetisers with every order and they’re frequently very healthy!!!


Tasty, guilt-free morsels!

I ordered the spam and sausage ramyun.  The tangy kimchi soup is always soooooooo satisfying!


Besides the processed meats, they also give tons of kimchi and golden mushrooms, so it’s still a relatively healthy dish 😛  Ok fine, I’m trying to rationalise the indulgence 😛

Wishing you fun,



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