Bye Semarang!

Our time in Semarang was short; still, I can’t complain since my man was there for business.  It gave us the opportunity to see a new town, take in the scenery and, also, taste some of their food and browse their retail merchandise : )  The pace of life in Indonesia is also slower than that of Singapore, so we had a nice break from the rat race : )

In the morning, I had a run-in with a……………………

Feminist 😛

She began by calling me ‘you sad, sad, retard’, which immediately diminished her credibility and my opinion of her ability to formulate a rational argument.  People who have a solid grip on their emotions don’t need to resort to name-calling and insults at the start of any discussion.

I started laughing and called her a ‘sad, sad masculine she-male’ back 😛  This riled her even further and she launched into a long tirade.  Now, these men trapped in women’s bodies desperately need to be recognised for their achievements and intelligence.  They’re also always itching for a fight.

Imagine not even having those long paragraphs that took so much effort typing out read and, also, being casually dismissed.  Boy did it dent her ego! 😛  She then took the trouble to read my profile and, also, visited my blog, in order to find ammunition against me.  Despite claims of not being angry, her aggressive and spiteful insults about my man and me contradicted what she said 😛

My man and I burst out laughing as I read what she typed out loud 😛  To all these, I just replied “Ok, angry man” and “Bye, angry man” 😛  After all, since she’s so irrational, why waste time trying to discuss things with her in a logical and rational manner? 😛  Might as well just have a laugh 😛

Oh, and Angry Man, in case you’re reading this……..

2015-05-03 15.57.19

Making monkey faces at you! 😛

After the fun and laughter – thanks, angry man! – we checked out of the hotel, left our bags with the concierge and crossed the road for the yummy roast duck before heading for the airport to board our flight : )


The chicken and sweet corn soup was even better than the hot and sour one!!! 😀


Man, we polished off the roast duck!

The flight back was uneventful and smooth : )  It was good to be home.  We heaved a sigh of relief and settled in for dinner and a good rest.

Semarang is lovely.  We might return, although Batam is always our first choice thanks to the convenience and location of our hotels of choice!

Wishing you fun,



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