First trip to Semarang! #3

The next morning, my man got up early for breakfast at the hotel.  Sweetie pie that he is, he packed a set for me just in case breakfast had ended by the time I finished power walking on the treadmill at the gym and showering! 😀  The gym was clean and modern, just like the rest of the hotel, so the exercise was pleasant.

And a good thing too, because my goodness, what a huge breakfast!


After working off the excess energy from the night before, I was also very hungry!!!  Since my man was still at a meeting with the supplier and visiting the factory, I explored the rest of the hotel.


Majestic lion statues guarding the lobby : )


Guests can surf the net during the check-in process!

My man returned and, after his shower, we continued exploring the hotel together : )


Such a striking red background!


We crossed the street to Paragon Mall for lunch and some shopping and exploring!  My man spied a duck restaurant and, since we both love duck, in we went!  In order to avoid disappointment, we didn’t get our hopes up to high, but boy were we pleasantly surprised when our order arrived!


Some of the restaurants in Batam serve horrible versions of beloved Chinese soups, but this restaurant did it just right!!!  There was the correct balance of sour, salty and spicy.  I loved it!


Boy was the duck glorious too!  The skin was crisp and salted, the fat still melting underneath.  Because we loved it so much, my man packed another portion for our dinner with ice cold beer.  Yup, we bought some while exploring the mall!

There were many shops, but because I have a mountain of clothes back home, I decided not to do much purchasing.  The window browsing, however, helped with digestion : )  So we returned to the hotel, hit the treadmill again – power walking our way to better health – and took a nap.  Poor guy was exhausted!

When we woke, it was roast duck and beer time! : )  Check back tomorrow for the last entry about Semarang!

Wishing you fun,



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