First trip to Semarang! #1

My man had to meet a supplier in Semarang and decided that he wanted to bring me along for the adventure! 😀  He asked me to apply for leave.  Of course I did! 😀  It’s always exciting to explore a brand new town together! 😀  Before our flight, his hungry tummy had to be appeased 😛  This is my delicious chicken curry and stir-fried brinjal with a sweet chilli sauce at Changi Airport : )


The flight from Singapore to Semarang takes about 2 hours.  Our flight was also delayed for about an hour; thus, by the time we arrived, it was close to evening.  My man arranged for someone to drive us to our hotel, which gave us some time to rest and freshen ourselves before having dinner : )

So this was our lovely room at the Novotel hotel : )


We sure got a good night’s sleep!


The room is spacious!  We were also delighted with the modern and tasteful decoration.


He enjoys soaking in the bathtub after a long day : )


A shot for posterity : )  Check back tomorrow to see what we got up to during dinner.  There’re some really nice photos! : )

Wishing you fun,



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