The Scarlet Room clothes

Societies in Singapore and South-east Asia offer far more freedom than western nations ruined by feminism and fat acceptance.  Comments about weight are still commonplace and people aren’t censored for fear of hurting oh-so-delicate feelings.  If one is fat, one accepts it and the repercussions.

Some of my fat friends freely admit that they’re lazy and would rather spend time power napping than power walking.  You know what?  They enjoy far more respect than the Fat Acceptance and HAES members who constantly live in denial and use aggression to censure valid opinions.

Instead of redefining what ‘healthy’ and ‘fit’ figures look like and force men to find fat attractive, women here openly admit that they would love to be slim.  Everyone ends up being good-natured about it, rather than waging a war of the waistlines, such as what is happening in western nations.

The obese have gotten so bold as to fit shame ladies who’re disciplined enough to keep themselves trim!  But regardless of them telling us to eat a cheeseburger, cake or a doughnut, we can be secure in the knowledge that we still look more petite and, thus, more feminine, in clothes : )

The Scarlet Room carries a gorgeous variety of apparel specifically for us thin women in modish colours and designs!  If minimalist chic is your thing, do drop by and browse to your hearts’ content.  After all, you’re going to have to get used to buying your stuff online.  It’s lucky that the probability of finding clothes that fit you over the internet is much higher!

Wishing you fun,



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