Protein lunch

Healthy eating doesn’t mean salads all the time.  Humans need protein too, to help with muscle/tissue repair and to maintain our hair, radiant complexions and nails.  Dinners with my man involve meat like chicken, pork and lamb, as well as seafood like crab, shrimp and scallops.  He doesn’t mind fish, but not as often as meat.

The solution is to get my fishy protein fix during the day, especially lunch.  Salmon sashimi is yummy – even with beer, by the way 😛 – and a plate of this deliciousness together with chawan mushi (Japanese steamed egg) and a miso soup makes for a light and tasty afternoon meal.  No Goldfish Syndrome after lunch! : )


Occasionally, when it’s difficult to resist this fresh goodness, I’ll order 2 servings of salmon sashimi and wash it all down with green tea.  Back in the office, whilst colleagues who eat a heavy lunch struggle to stay mentally alert, I don’t have this problem.  After all, I would be eating again in 3 hours 😛

So there you have it.  Healthy people eat other things beside salads (although salads are so tasty!), so life isn’t that miserable nor boring for those of us who’ve adopted healthy lifestyles.  Besides, fresh is always good for us, isn’t it? : ) #haes

Wishing you fun,



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