Fat friends

If you’re fat, it doesn’t automatically discount you as lazy or stupid.  If you take care of your appearance and bother to dress up, you’ll still be accorded respect because it shows that you value yourself.  If you’d rather walk around in jeans and a shapeless tee or singlet, it also speaks volumes about you.



Can fat women dress sexily?  Of course!  If you have nice legs, flaunt them!  If you have cleavage, flaunt it!  As long as you do so tastefully, you’ll still look classy and not trashy.  Whilst some societies celebrate sluts and slutty behaviour, ours thankfully don’t… yet.  I hope sluttiness will never be glorified here.  It isn’t ladylike at all.


I’m fine with fat folks.  The ones I don’t like hanging out with are slobs.  Food stains on clothing are gross, as is not observing proper hygiene.  What is so difficult about putting in a little more effort to dress properly in clothes that fit well and adopt grooming habits?  We’re more confident when we go out and interact with people!


It’s true that I prefer to spend time with slim folks, but that is because we have similar dining habits and lifestyles.  It doesn’t mean that fat people can’t be my friends.  Slobs, on the other hand, well…  I just don’t have enough in common with them to maintain a decent friendship.

Wishing you fun,

2015-07-31 09.17.46


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