We love Batam!

Oh yes we do.  Whenever there is a public holiday that falls on a weekend, that’s where we head to.  Guo Ming moaned, “Again???!!!” when he asked what we were doing over the 4-day super long National Day weekend and I answered that we would be in Batam.  Well, yes!  Again! 😛


That’s us at Kepris Mall having roast duck : )  There’s a free shuttle bus there to and from the Swiss-Inn Hotel every 2 hours!

Neither of us has the patience for lengthy flights and journeys, so the short ferry ride to 1 of our favourite haunts is perfect!  We take a short nap and, before we know it, we’ve reached Batam!  Food, shopping and, best of all, the wonderfully slow pace of life!






Plus all that delicious food!  We’d rather eat these than junk food any day 😛

Then there’s the pleasure of staying at comfortable hotels.  It’s a change from everyday life.  We get to wander around at leisure, at our own pace, soak in the bathtubs and unwind from the rat race that is Singapore : )


In fact, we talked about retiring here because we love it so much!

2015-07-18 17.10.34

Wishing you fun,

2015-07-31 09.17.46


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