Lamb shank with red wine jus

It’s ridiculous to read about fat women complaining of poor quality clothes.  They want cheap, trendy apparel that hides and tucks AND flatters their shape.  If they’re not comfortable with the way they look in the clothes, they whine online about the lack of options, having to pay more for flattering dresses, yadda yadda yadda.

Hello, wake up!  Do you think slim women don’t face the same problems?  People come in different shapes.  What looks good on 1 woman doesn’t necessarily look fabulous on another.  So if we’re not exempt from this, why should fat women?  What gives them the right to demand that more clothes be made to flatter their shapes AND at the same prices as the slim? #effyourbeautystandards

Let’s put it this way.  Sometimes I buy Armani.  Sometimes I buy Korean dresses.  I pay more for Armani than Korean or other cheaper alternatives.  Why is that?  Because the fabric is of better quality and the cutting is so flattering!  Fat women use up more fabric and designers need to reinforce the stitching so as to hold their flesh in place.  Why shouldn’t they charge more?

If you want cheap clothes, don’t complain that more stores don’t stock larger sizes.  If you would rather spend your money on food than high quality apparel, don’t blame the designers and retailers.  Stop blaming the world for YOUR decisions.  You’re NOT a victim, stop acting like one because it’s manipulative.

1 way to stay slim is to eat fresh.  I hardly eat processed food and meals are prepared using only fresh ingredients.  The nutrients derived from food go towards maintaining a healthy system, facilitating better digestion AND repairing muscle/tissue.  Red meat is just as important as white meat. #haes #bodypositive


Remove the bone from lamb shank and use it to boil stock.  In the meantime, poke holes in the meat, cut into chunks and season with red wine, butter, vinegar, mixed herbs and ground pepper.  Leave it in the fridge overnight.

Melt butter on medium-high heat and fry the lamb shank till cooked through.  Add stock and baby carrots, then cook for about 2 hours till tender and the stock is reduced.  Stir in red wine and 1/3 that quantity of vinegar and onion julienne.  Season with mixed herbs and ground pepper.

Once the onion is semi-soft and the sauce reduced sufficiently, turn off heat and serve immediately.


Wishing you fun,


#effyourbeautystandards# #fatspo #fatacceptance #haes


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