Be nice to your man!

Feminists and social justice warriors will have you believe that real men accepts and loves their partners unconditionally.  It gives women an easy way out, enabling them to act like spoiled princesses, taking all they can without giving back anything to their partners.  Without reciprocation and appreciation, it’s no wonder men refuse to marry or prefer to go their own way!

If women are absolved from their share of responsibilities in marriages and relationships, what is in it for men?  If they have to do everything even after a tiring day at work, what incentive is there to stay?  They would be stupid to hang around for long and I wouldn’t blame them!

If women want to have their expectations fulfilled, surely it’s only fair (and equal, for feminists), then men also have the right to have their expectations fulfilled.  There’re so many online gripes from men about their wives who’ve grown obese, unreasonable and demanding.  They’re impossible to live with.

My man once told me, “Please don’t grow too big.  I love you petite and slim.”  Well, for all that he’s done for me, taking care of my figure is just a small price to pay.  He’s always there, taking care of me when I’m sick and is my rock.  He never lets me carry the luggages when we’re abroad, nor the groceries.  He’s a man and proud of being one.


In order to receive love, we must also be willing to give it.  Physical attractiveness is just 1 facet of a relationship.  We should also make our partners’ lives better because we’re in it.  So don’t believe what the feminists say unless you’re into hookups and not serious relationships.  The latter takes work, but oh boy, are the rewards so worth it!

Wishing you fun,



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