Thread Theory clothes and coupledom

Feminists will have you believe that, if you enhance your womanly charms by dressing well, men will objectify you.  They would rather have you become an obese slob.  But what would happen to your confidence levels then?  Sure, you might be comfortable, but would you feel good about yourself?

I shared an experience in the comments section of a blog.  In a nutshell, I was in Johor Bahru for the day with my man.  There, we saw a masculine slob of a woman with her partner in tow.  There was the blackest scowl on her face as her man scanned the crowd and ogled the girly ladies who were dressed up at the mall.

Would you want to be in her situation?  She only brought it upon herself!

Now if you’d rather look good, check out Thread Theory, another online retailer for slim ladies!  Gorgeous and sweet designs await your eyes!

Buckle Up Before You Go Top (Light Pink) image Fold This Way Embossed Skorts (White) image

Diamonds Are Forever Dress (Mint) image Roman Holiday Stripe Dress (Light Salmon) image

Boardroom Babe Blazer (White) image Rose Of Sicily Lace Skirt (Navy) image

*RESTOCK* Blowing In The Wind Basic Top (Black) image I Pleat Pretty Dress (Light Grey) image

Pretty, hey? : )

There’s all this talk about unconditional love, an idea feminists sell to women.  It’s enticing to be sure, but life doesn’t work out that way.  Your man might love you unconditionally, yet, it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t appreciate you more if you at least made an effort to still remain a woman.


When my man grumbles that I have too many clothes, I remind him that it’s because I’m a woman.  The same goes for bringing too many dresses, skincare and make-up when we travel.  When he’s reminded that it’s because I’m a woman, he accepts it.  And he appreciates having a girly girl on his arm!

A relationship is about 2 people – 2 people’s needs, 2 people’s lifestyles, 2 people’s tastes and preferences.  We should be able to compromise.  I keep my man happy and he in turn takes care of me.  I much prefer that than fighting men, which is what feminists love to do.  Yuck.

Wishing you fun,



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