Quick chicken stew

Although it’s irrevocable that there’s fat bias/prejudice, there’re also many who’re neutral towards the overweight.  We don’t go out of our way to shame them nor feel miserable; we just leave them to their own lives.  After all, everyone faces the consequences of our actions.  Why should we stick our noses into their business?

Having said that, there’re some pretty obnoxious fat women who make it more difficult for the overweight community to find acceptance.  These neutral parties comment on online articles, only to be viciously attacked by defensive big hags.  Naturally, the neutral people weren’t pleased and presented logical arguments.  They were countered with more insults, aggression and flimsy rebuttals.

After a while, many of them give up in disgust.  Despite having overweight friends and getting along fine with them, I must admit the horrific attitude made me pissed off at the fat acceptance/body positivity community in general.  The victim mentality, relentlessly blaming the world for their inability to resist cake and insisting that everyone else around change to accommodate them is sickening, self-centred and arrogant.

Happily, not all of them are so ill-mannered.  I came across a really nice lady in Disqus the other day.  Her ID is That_Susan.  I’ll just refer to her as Susan for short.  We had a rational discussion and it was really pleasant!  She is confident enough to accept that everyone has the right to an honest opinion about fat folks, as long as it’s without malice.

Possibly the reason she isn’t defensive and ultra-sensitive is because she’s already taking steps towards being as healthy as she can.  She reads food labels and does exercise as much as her lifestyle will allow.  Fat or thin, rudeness is disgusting.  Fat or thin, courtesy and sweetness makes someone lovely.

I thanked her for a pleasant chat and look forward to bumping into her in the comments section of articles again.  You know what?  I’ll be sure to say hi : )

A simple and quick chicken stew that we eat for dinner.  Poke holes in chicken thigh and cut into chunks.  Marinade with dark soy sauce, sesame oil, Chinese rice wine and ground black pepper.  Leave the meat in the fridge overnight so that it absorbs even more flavour.  Brown some garlic in butter, then fry the chicken till cooked through, then set aside.

Heat fresh butter in the pan and fry shiitake mushrooms, stirring in stock gradually.  Pour in onions cut into pieces and cook till soft.  Return the chicken to the pan, then season the stew with soy sauce, more pepper and Chinese rice wine.  Turn off the heat and serve immediately. #haes #bodypositive #fatspo #effyourbeautystandards



Wishing you fun,



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