Melty, creamy omelette!

Recently, Cat was pretty frustrated over work.  It’s not my position to comment since I don’t exactly know the dynamics of the team, save for what she’s told Guo Ming and me.  It appears that the team is under-staffed and over-worked, resulting in backlog, delays and unhappy colleagues.

In order to fulfil her duties, Cat sometimes has to work on weekends and on weekday nights too.  Besides having to assist some teams, they also need to refine and streamline work processes because theirs is a relatively new department.  Much of the responsibilities fall upon Cat’s shoulders.

Some of the teams are unhappy with the delays because it then results in delays to their own work and leads to unhappy/aggressive customers and service quality complaints.  Recently, Guo Ming and I received such feedback from our team.  Because we knew Cat’s situation, we decided to hear her out instead of jumping to the wrong conclusion that her team was not performing up to standard.

Unfortunately, the stress and frustrations Cat experiences means she didn’t take the feedback very well.  Even though we stressed that we weren’t blaming her and only wanted to find out what was happening so we could work out a solution together, she kept blasting us.

Eventually, we gave up and decided to give her some time to calm down.  Of course, whilst we understand her situation, we still need to solve the problems for our team.  It was difficult for her to see it in the midst of her anger and tirade.  This is something quite common with fat acceptance/body positive activists.

When emotions – especially negative ones – take over a person, it’s difficult for him/her to be rational.  If I’m unfortunate enough to have to converse with 1 of these activists or SJWs, after a while, I can’t even be bothered to read their retorts.  They wouldn’t be logical any way.

It may seem rude to brush them off with 1 sentence, but it’s the only way to end the discussion.  Why waste time arguing when nothing is going to get through to them any way?  For Cat, she’s a friend and wonderful colleague, so hopefully when she calms down, we’re able to come up with something.


This is a tasty snack we love.  Using those adorable tiny pans meant for frying eggs, fry onion julienne in butter and melt cheddar cheese.  Season 1 egg with soy sauce, mixed herbs and plenty of black pepper.  When the onions are semi-soft and the cheese is melted, lower the heat and pour the egg into the mixture.

When the egg is set, serve immediately.




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