Feminists and man jaws

Very often, feminists – especially the louder, more vocal and high profile ones – are portrayed as masculine women with man jaws.  If you bother to google, the articles written about them are quite hilarious and, guess what?  It’s true!  Women with prominent jaws that look like men are frequently very masculine!

The Manosphere, sickened and dripping with contempt at being censured by these ‘strong and independent women’ supposedly fighting for equality but who are, in reality, emasculating men, don’t pull any punches when writing about them.  Whilst meanness isn’t right, I can understand their frustration.

I was looking through some photos and realised that those women friends with what is referred to as a man jaw ARE more controlling, aggressive, belligerent and hostile.  They’re also very domineering and dominating.  In fact, they behave just like these feminists that the Manosphere rages about!

Here in South-east Asia, we’re taught to avoid women with man jaws.  They’re notoriously difficult to get along with and seem to thrive on conflict and drama.  Us gentler souls are continually stressed when dealing with them and prefer to hang out with more peaceful folks.

My beautician and I chatted about this and when we spot women friends with man jaws, are quick to warn each other.  It’s based on many years of experience interacting with these she-males masquerading as women.  No wonder they keep wanting to compete with men!

For this reason, they can’t stand pretty and feminine women and frequently put them down, labelling them ‘inept’, ‘retard’, ‘incapable’, ‘dumb’ and ‘sad’.  I’ve been insulted like this when stating my views in the comments section of articles.  Similarly, in my daily interactions, it’s these women with man jaws who frequently try to compete rather than live harmoniously.

That man jaw.  The hallmark of a ‘strong and independent’ woman.  Just like men, they brag about their accomplishments and capability and scorn any woman who’s proud of her feminine charms.  Just like men, they brag about what they have and how much they earn.  In short, they’re pretty much… just. like. men!

“Who says???!!! *snort forever*  You’re just a useless red pill woman who’s submissive and incapable of doing things yourself!”

No thanks.  Men in general treat me like a lady.  They don’t hesitate to help me open bottle caps, shield me with umbrellas on rainy days so I don’t get my hair wet and rush to my defence when she-males attack me.  Why should I embrace feminism when feminists are only out to harm women like me?

Wishing you fun,



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