Hollyhoque clothes

It’s actually good that there’re plus-sized shops catering to the larger ladies; after all, it helps them to dress up better and not look like total slobs.  But with burgeoning waistlines and fewer shops catering to the slim, where does that leave trim western women?  The answer?  Look east! : )

*POSH* Stellina Flare Skirt

Helen Striped Boyfriend Shirt Pastel Blue

Laidback Date Denim Skirt Denim (Restock)

Aimee Basic Textured  Dress - Midnight Blue (Restock)

If you’ve managed to maintain your waistline thus far, congratulations, image and looking good obviously – and rightfully – is important to you.  It’s only right that you can purchase clothes that fit well.  Slim women can’t be expected to saunter around in plus-sized clothing; it’ll look like they’re wearing tents!

Gloria Denim Skirt

Stefani Polo Neck Sleeveless Knit Top White

*POSH* Brooks Knee Length Skirt Blue

Lola Watercolour Dress Purple

Thank goodness for online retailers like Holly Hoque, which caters to petite ladies : )  Our reward for being disciplined is, we’re lighter, smaller and our waistlines can still be seen!  So go ahead and treat yourself to a few of these cute items.  You deserve to look your best after all your hard work!

Wishing you fun,



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