Clothes and curry veggies are da bomb!

More clothes for the skinny US ladies who’re having difficulty finding smaller sizes in shops.  Lexi Lyla stocks dresses and other apparel that would look ridiculous on bodies with too many rolls.  With increasing affluence, there’s a corresponding increase in waistlines in Asia.  Thankfully, slim figures are still prized in this region.

//LUXE// Muse Dress

Flores  Print Dress

Asho Sheath Dress

//LUXE// Raline Bodycon Razor Dress

It never fails to amuse when obese women claim that slim women are stick figures/toothpicks/little boys.  If anything, a trim waist is far more visible than one obscured by too much flesh because one can see where the hips curve out gently.  Plus, far less jiggly bits.

//LUXE// Valli Lace Peplum Dress (wine)

Kinsley Lace Cut-out Dress

//LUXE// Vadnis Lace Peplum Dress

Studio Colorblock Pencil Dress

There’s no woman I know who’s happier fat in Singapore.  And thank goodness for that.  There’re far less arrogant fat women here than in western countries.  I do hope the HAES and Fat Acceptance Movements never reach the level of popularity here as they have in western countries.

Oh you know what?  Veggies are VERY delicious when they’re cooked in curry!  My man dislikes most veggies, but he’ll eat anything curry, so it’s a pretty easy way to get him to at least consume some 😛


Curry chicken and curry veggies.  Double the deliciousness, double the calories 😛  But once in awhile, one HAS to indulge, right? 😛




By eating relatively healthily, we enjoy our sinful indulgences even more.  Slowly savouring every mouthful is such delight!

Wishing you fun,

2015-07-31 09.17.46

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