No birthday cake, thanks, but happy birthday anyway! : )

We celebrated Shelia’s birthday, the guys and gals, but only the gals took photos together 😛  Well, we had to be quick and get back to work!


Shelia joined us in February.  Besides being diligent and conscientious, she’s settled in with the rest of the team well.  We have a good joke in the mornings before getting down to business.  So enjoy the last year of your twenties, gal!  Next year, you’ll be joining the thirties club! 😛


What is she wishing for?



Then it was time for the ladies to strike a pose!


Yen Ling and I didn’t eat the cake, but because it was a special occasion for our team, we each ate fruit off the top.  Yen Ling had a strawberry and a grape; I had a grape.  Poor Yen Ling was resisting the temptation like crazy!!!  Kudos to her for discipline.  Me?  Not a fan of cake, so, no loss.  But the grape was delicious!



Lots of ladies love cake!  I do like desserts, but mostly fruit and, occasionally, ice cream, sorbet or some chocolate.  Cake makes me feel bloated afterwards; thankfully the team understood and didn’t insist that I take a piece.  Well, at least they weren’t pushy about it, although they offered : ) #haes #bodypositive #fatspo #effyourbeautystandards

Wishing you fun,



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