Clothes and cheesy seafood stew

Faire Belle is an online retailer popular with Singaporean women.  New stocks arrive very often – weekly, even! – so browsing through the numerous designs is a great way to pass time and de-stress! : )  Get ready to drool and splurge on items in order to maximise delivery charges!

Rompers are a great way to combine functional comfort and trendy fashion!  I love that these convenient onesies come in different designs and print, so they’re fun to wear.  I have a few of these in my wardrobe for those weekends when it’s helluva hot, yet there’s the need to look girlish and cute.


Adopting healthier eating habits doesn’t mean one needs to forego all the good stuff like cheese.  One can still eat it, and often too!  I use cheese quite often when cooking and include dairy in my daily diet for calcium.  It is more important to consume fresh food than processed.

Melt butter and fry eggplant chunks, with the skin on this time.  Stir in shrimp and scallops and stock.  When the eggplant starts becoming tender, melt grated mozzarella and parmesan and a little cream cheese.  Add sherry, mixed herbs, soy sauce and black pepper to taste.

Mix well, then turn off heat and serve immediately.


Wishing you fun,




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