1 night in Medan

Sometime last month, my man asked, “What are we doing this weekend?”  I mentioned going to 1 of the less crowded malls so we could browse some exercise gear.  He shook his head.  “Pack your weekend bag”, he said, “We’re going to Medan.”  That got me soooooooooooo excited!!! 😀  I love weekend quick getways! 😀


Cya the next day, Singapore! 😀  I was so excited that I even bought the Furla Candy Bag at the Duty-Free Shop at the airport before flying!  Here it is, sitting pretty at the hotel lobby! 😀



We put up for the night in a serviced apartment and it was VERY comfortable.  It even has 2 balconies, just like home!



There’s even a water cooler!


The apartment came with 2 bedrooms, which was a waste, since we would only be there for a night.  My man was meeting a business associate, thus, there really wasn’t much time to sightsee, alas.  At least we did get a good night’s sleep : )


1 selfie.  Just 1.


What we DID get to enjoy was a really good dinner.  My man rewarded my patience with a late evening at a chic restaurant (pleasantly surprised to see one there and so close to our serviced apartment too!), plenty of good food and glass after glass of deliciously icy cold beer!



First time trying clam satay.  Yummy!


Their version of otak otak takes some getting used to.


Egg murtabak


Tempura shrimp


Sambal kang kong

Boy did we work out the next morning!  After a good workout and much perspiration later, we bid goodbye to Medan.  It was fun in spite of the short time.  At least we got to get away from the hectic pace of life in Singapore for a while : )  Goodbye Medan!  Hope to return soon!


Wishing you fun,



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