Bacon and mushrooms on omelette

Before I start, here’s the contented man lying on my tummy after a good meal and being lavished with caresses : )


Sometimes his tummy starts growling a little or he itches for something to eat.  It’s fun whipping up something quick and delicious.  Providing enough variety during meal and snack times means we look forward to eating together and there’s a lower possibility of boredom setting in : )


Melt butter in a tiny egg frying pan on low to medium heat.  I season omelettes with a few drops of soy or fish sauce, liberal dashes of pepper and herbs or chilli flakes, depending on what other food goes with them.  Once the egg has set, turn off the heat and slide onto a serving plate.  Cut into quarters.  2 omelettes for the above snack.

Throw away the used oil, replace with fresh butter.  Melt it, brown some garlic, then add diced bacon and shiitake mushrooms.  When it’s cooked and sizzling, add a dash of beer and some pepper.  Turn off the heat and spoon a little on top of each omelette quarter.  It’s tasty and certainly healthier than cakes and cookies! : )


Wishing you fun,



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