Chikuwa Tei

Catching up with the 2 lawyers, Edwina and Waltan, is always fun.  Both of them, together with Yen Ling and I, headed to Chikuwa Tei, near our respective offices, for a catch up over tasty Japanese food.  Here’re the 2 lovely ladies, ready to order up a feast!


We don’t meet as often due to different dining habits.  Edwina and Waltan are not into clean eating, which is fine.  We still get along; we just don’t catch up as often as we should.  Still, it’s better this way.  I wouldn’t want them to feel guilty nor bad about what they choose to eat versus my own dining habits. #haes #bodypositive


This is Yen Ling, my regular lunch partner.  We eat together everyday because we’re fans of salads and soups!  So what did we have together with the 2 food lovers? : )


I had a slice of each sashimi, but didn’t touch the rest.  And………  Yen Ling and I ordered……………..


Foie gras salad! 😀  The tender, perfectly pan-fried goose liver was heaven.  We also loved the ginger carrot dressing that came with our fresh veggies : )

The discipline paid off.  When we returned to the office and continued working, we didn’t develop the ‘Goldfish Syndrome’, i.e. sleeping with your eyes open.  You know when you stare at the computer monitor but nothing registers?  Yup, Goldfish Syndrome 😛  No, we didn’t have that 😛

Still, it was a joy catching up with the ladies.  We had a lot of fun and laughter.  Hope to catch up with them soon : )

Wishing you fun,



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