Yam/taro chippies!

As mentioned in a previous entry, I was lambasted by 2 overweight women simply because I dared to mention that I still enjoy sinful food like curries and pizzas but am able to remain a size 2, now size 00 thanks to vanity sizing.  It doesn’t make sense since I’m technically the same size, but whatever makes people feel lighter/better *shrug* #effyourbeautystandards

If my earlier entry about iHotel didn’t convince you, here’s another curry I enjoy on a regular basis.


It’s called yong tau foo.  For those who haven’t been here, you can get this easily at most food centres and food courts.  I prefer the latter since we get to eat in air-conditioned comfort.  Customers select from meats and veggies, then tell the staff whether they want their yong tau foo dry (served with sauces), soups or curry and whether they want noodles/vermicelli or rice.

I choose mostly veggies and seaweed and, for protein, hard-boiled eggs.  Some yong tau foo comes with fish cake and I usually remove them because they’re processed gluten and taste awful.  Each stall charges differently.  Here, at the food court at Level B1, Great World City, you pay a fixed price for 7 food items and your carbohydrates.

I skip the carbs and enjoy my curry yong tau foo : )  It’s all portion control.  I still get to eat what I love!  Also, thanks to upbringing, I tend to eat small, snack-sized portions but more frequently – about 5 to 6 times a day.  It helps boost metabolism because the body is constantly burning as one moves.

There’re many healthy snacks one can eat that are also tasty and filling.  1 of them is yam chips.  They’re easy to make! #haes #bodypositive #fatspo #everybodyisbeautiful #effyourbeautystandards


I fry mine in a wok with olive oil.  Once crisp on the outside and soft in the middle, scoop the yam slices onto a plate with paper towels to soak up the excess oil.  Season with salt and Japanese chilli powder.  My man and I love this.


Wishing you fun,



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