Feasting in Batam!

My man and I adore the slower pace of life in Batam.  Guo Ming and Ms Ah prefer Malaysia; Catherine and Yen Ling love Bangkok; and other friends dig Phuket and Bali.  Sure, there’re fewer watering holes, shopping malls and lack of a busy nightlife in Batam, but we appreciate the rustic little town! : )

This time, we chose to stay at Swiss-Inn Hotel at the city centre.  It’s also close to BCS Mall and other eateries.  Although the hotel is rather old, the suites are still very comfortable and spacious and there is a gym, a must for us! 😛  Unfortunately, we found out later that there is no swimming pool 😦

Here was ‘home away from home’ for the ultra long National Day weekend – from Friday, 7 August 2015, to Monday, 10 August 2015!!!




The couch and bed were so comfy!  But nothing would stop us from feasting on the tasty local delights!  We dumped our bags in the room before heading out for some shopping.  Before that, however, this vainpot needed to take a coupla selfies 😛  Hey, we were so excited and having fun, so why not? 😛

2015-08-07 16.18.41

2015-08-07 16.19.21

We’re ‘food hoppers’, meaning, we stop at a place for a short while and wolf down a small dish before venturing to another place for more feasting 😛


First, we had some delicious curry chicken near our hotel 😛  Then, we returned to the hotel lobby to wait for the free shuttle that would take us to Kepris Mall, where there is tasty roast duck and some shopping that can be done!


OMG this is so good.  We even packed some for 1 of the evenings we decided to stay at the hotel for our beers : )  After the heavy meal, we took a stroll around the mall for at least 45 minutes to help with digestion.  I bought an adorable pair of shorts and some skincare products.  We also wandered about upstairs, exploring more shops.


Then we waited for the free shuttle again to take us back to the hotel.  Over the next few days, we wandered the mall and did more exploring.  Here’re a few more dishes that we indulged in.  There’s more, but I didn’t bother with photos before tucking in already 😛  They were too yummy to resist!



I don’t resist good curries 😛  After all, life is short.  We do need some tasty treats to look forward to.  However, at other times, we do try to eat more healthily.  Even when we indulge, it’s mostly fresh food any way : )  Processed food doesn’t taste half as good and doesn’t contain as much nutrients : )


So are you now somewhat or at least a little convinced that the Fat Acceptance and HAES Movement have sold you a bunch of lies?  Do slim people look like they’re starving?  Do they only eat lettuce leaves?  No, right? *smirk*

Wishing you fun,



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