Cheesy spinach, shrimp, bacon and pine nuts

My man and I adore nuts.  They’re crunchy, creamy and tasty treats which are very good for health when consumed in moderate quantities.  Pine nuts are the most expensive type of nuts in Singapore.  They’re used in pesto sauces and as garnishes to dishes.  Since we had some pine nuts, I decided to try using it for a western meal.

We cut 4 or 5 large tiger prawns into 3 pieces.  Melt butter and fry spinach, cooking till soft and wilted.  Stir in stock if necessary to prevent the butter from drying out.  Fry bacon till fragrant.  Add prawns, mixed herbs and sherry and cook till prawns are fragrant.  Melt 2 Kraft singles and mix well with the other ingredients.  Turn off heat, quickly add the pine nuts, stir through and serve.



Wishing you fun,

2015-07-31 09.17.46

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