Ninth Collective Clothes and office snacks

Ninth Collective used to be known as The Blush Inc.  Whatever the reason for the name change, its target market remains the same – ladies working in the office and looking for affordable, presentable and fashionable work clothes!  Yen Ling and I check out the new designs quite often : )

Just because we’re working in offices doesn’t mean we need to dress like prudes – or worse, men! 😛

Lucky for us, there’re many pieces available at The Ninth Collective which we can throw a jacket over at work, then shed the jacket for dinner : )  We are women; wouldn’t it be terribly boring if we dress like men?  The privilege of being women is, we have much more interesting wardrobes!

Now for an office snack I keep in my drawers or carry in my purse : )


EGO garlic roasted peas!  The packet comes in small handy packets, just nice to shove inside your bag for the times when hunger pangs hit : )  They’re tasty and filled with nutrition… ANDANDAND they’re much healthier than potato chips!  So keep these yummy treats around!

Wishing you fun,



Ellysage clothes and Korean Korean Korean!

Most ladies are too busy with work, our spouses and families and other stuff to do much shopping, but we still want to look presentable when we head out of the house.  We’re very lucky to have so many online retailers selling affordable and pretty clothes so we can browse in the comfort of our homes!

There are new arrivals at Ellysage frequently, so there’s always something fresh to browse when I pop by if I want to update my burst wardrobe 😛

Lovelle Pleated Double Take Dress (Teal) Kenzie Crystallized Butterfly Shirt

Galya Heather Shorts Hosanna Basic Slip Dress (Red)

One doesn’t need to sacrifice style for comfort : )

Juniper Suede Wrap Skirt (Black) Marriott Off Duty Striped Dress

**ELLYSAGE Exclusive** Princeton Peter-Pan Crop Top (Navy) Cosima Tie Rave Skirt (Blue)

So many clothes to choose from, which helps when you have so little time!

There’s no need to look like those sloppy feminists just because the weather is warm! 😛

Yen Ling and I decided to have some Korean food for a change.  We took a cab to Central at Clarke Quay and went to Seoul Yummy at Level 2.  What many diners love about Korean food is, they always serve free appetisers with every order and they’re frequently very healthy!!!


Tasty, guilt-free morsels!

I ordered the spam and sausage ramyun.  The tangy kimchi soup is always soooooooo satisfying!


Besides the processed meats, they also give tons of kimchi and golden mushrooms, so it’s still a relatively healthy dish 😛  Ok fine, I’m trying to rationalise the indulgence 😛

Wishing you fun,


Topazette clothes and broccoli, bacon and melted cheddar

Feminine women are much easier and pleasant to deal with because generally, we’re more peaceful.  We do have opinions like any other person and express them.  We also prefer peace and harmony to conflict, as opposed to men.  Which is why feminists are, at their very core, men! 😛  Just refer to my previous entry and you’ll understand why I say this 😛

*wave hi to Angry Man in Disqus*





With the weather heating up, Topazette brought in some new apparel so that we vain little ladies have something comfortable AND stylish to wear on weekends!





Nothing that manly feminists who don’t shave their armpits would be interested in, of course 😛  Sorry, I don’t do menswear in this blog 😛

Broccoli contains tons of vitamins and minerals, thus, there’re tons of health benefits we can derive from eating some!  It doesn’t have to be a torture either, because we can add fragrant bacon and cheese to add delicious flavour!


Melt butter in pan and fry the broccoli for about 2 minutes.  Cover and let it continue to cook at low heat for a few more minutes till softened.  Add a little water to prevent the butter from drying out and, also, charring of the veggies.  When the broccoli is softened to your liking, add bacon and fry the mixture.  Melt cheddar cheese and mix everything well once the bacon is cooked.

Turn off heat and serve immediately as a snack, or have bigger quantities for a meal!


Wishing you fun,


Bye Semarang!

Our time in Semarang was short; still, I can’t complain since my man was there for business.  It gave us the opportunity to see a new town, take in the scenery and, also, taste some of their food and browse their retail merchandise : )  The pace of life in Indonesia is also slower than that of Singapore, so we had a nice break from the rat race : )

In the morning, I had a run-in with a……………………

Feminist 😛

She began by calling me ‘you sad, sad, retard’, which immediately diminished her credibility and my opinion of her ability to formulate a rational argument.  People who have a solid grip on their emotions don’t need to resort to name-calling and insults at the start of any discussion.

I started laughing and called her a ‘sad, sad masculine she-male’ back 😛  This riled her even further and she launched into a long tirade.  Now, these men trapped in women’s bodies desperately need to be recognised for their achievements and intelligence.  They’re also always itching for a fight.

Imagine not even having those long paragraphs that took so much effort typing out read and, also, being casually dismissed.  Boy did it dent her ego! 😛  She then took the trouble to read my profile and, also, visited my blog, in order to find ammunition against me.  Despite claims of not being angry, her aggressive and spiteful insults about my man and me contradicted what she said 😛

My man and I burst out laughing as I read what she typed out loud 😛  To all these, I just replied “Ok, angry man” and “Bye, angry man” 😛  After all, since she’s so irrational, why waste time trying to discuss things with her in a logical and rational manner? 😛  Might as well just have a laugh 😛

Oh, and Angry Man, in case you’re reading this……..

2015-05-03 15.57.19

Making monkey faces at you! 😛

After the fun and laughter – thanks, angry man! – we checked out of the hotel, left our bags with the concierge and crossed the road for the yummy roast duck before heading for the airport to board our flight : )


The chicken and sweet corn soup was even better than the hot and sour one!!! 😀


Man, we polished off the roast duck!

The flight back was uneventful and smooth : )  It was good to be home.  We heaved a sigh of relief and settled in for dinner and a good rest.

Semarang is lovely.  We might return, although Batam is always our first choice thanks to the convenience and location of our hotels of choice!

Wishing you fun,


First trip to Semarang! #3

The next morning, my man got up early for breakfast at the hotel.  Sweetie pie that he is, he packed a set for me just in case breakfast had ended by the time I finished power walking on the treadmill at the gym and showering! 😀  The gym was clean and modern, just like the rest of the hotel, so the exercise was pleasant.

And a good thing too, because my goodness, what a huge breakfast!


After working off the excess energy from the night before, I was also very hungry!!!  Since my man was still at a meeting with the supplier and visiting the factory, I explored the rest of the hotel.


Majestic lion statues guarding the lobby : )


Guests can surf the net during the check-in process!

My man returned and, after his shower, we continued exploring the hotel together : )


Such a striking red background!


We crossed the street to Paragon Mall for lunch and some shopping and exploring!  My man spied a duck restaurant and, since we both love duck, in we went!  In order to avoid disappointment, we didn’t get our hopes up to high, but boy were we pleasantly surprised when our order arrived!


Some of the restaurants in Batam serve horrible versions of beloved Chinese soups, but this restaurant did it just right!!!  There was the correct balance of sour, salty and spicy.  I loved it!


Boy was the duck glorious too!  The skin was crisp and salted, the fat still melting underneath.  Because we loved it so much, my man packed another portion for our dinner with ice cold beer.  Yup, we bought some while exploring the mall!

There were many shops, but because I have a mountain of clothes back home, I decided not to do much purchasing.  The window browsing, however, helped with digestion : )  So we returned to the hotel, hit the treadmill again – power walking our way to better health – and took a nap.  Poor guy was exhausted!

When we woke, it was roast duck and beer time! : )  Check back tomorrow for the last entry about Semarang!

Wishing you fun,


First trip to Semarang! #2

After freshening up, we couldn’t decide where to have dinner!  As my man would have a tough morning the next day, we decided to eat at our hotel and do more exploring the next day.  Quite a pretty surprise awaited us when we stepped into the restaurant.  Nope, it wasn’t the menu, the elegant furniture, crisp white linen nor the crystal ware.

No, no, no.  Have a look at what had me gasping with delight!


A gleaming rickshaw, restored to its former glory!  There’re precious few of them left in Singapore and they cater mainly to tourists who hitch a ride for novelty’s sake.  Most of those are old and rickety too.  But here, HERE, was something I’ve never seen!  This is what my grandparents would have been used to during their younger days!!! 😀


Obviously, my attempt at looking utterly surprised fell flat 😛


Sheer gorgeousness!!!


The rest of the tasteful wine decor : )

The rest of the restaurant was beautifully furnished.  As it was rather late, we and the few other diners had the restaurant to ourselves.  There were some Caucasian couples and us dining by candlelight.  It was so romantic! : )


Awww : )


And another!

Food-wise, I tried to be healthy, but it’s almost impossible when one is excited to be overseas, bummer 😛


The healthy part.  I even changed the dressing to olive oil and balsamic vinegar!


Yumyumyumyumyumyumyumyumyum calamari rings!

Obviously, the indulgence PLUS the booze meant power walking at the gym the next morning, but heck, it was worth it 😛

Check back tomorrow for more! 😀

Wishing you fun,


First trip to Semarang! #1

My man had to meet a supplier in Semarang and decided that he wanted to bring me along for the adventure! 😀  He asked me to apply for leave.  Of course I did! 😀  It’s always exciting to explore a brand new town together! 😀  Before our flight, his hungry tummy had to be appeased 😛  This is my delicious chicken curry and stir-fried brinjal with a sweet chilli sauce at Changi Airport : )


The flight from Singapore to Semarang takes about 2 hours.  Our flight was also delayed for about an hour; thus, by the time we arrived, it was close to evening.  My man arranged for someone to drive us to our hotel, which gave us some time to rest and freshen ourselves before having dinner : )

So this was our lovely room at the Novotel hotel : )


We sure got a good night’s sleep!


The room is spacious!  We were also delighted with the modern and tasteful decoration.


He enjoys soaking in the bathtub after a long day : )


A shot for posterity : )  Check back tomorrow to see what we got up to during dinner.  There’re some really nice photos! : )

Wishing you fun,