1 meat, so many ways

My man and I don’t take beef for our own reasons; his has to do with religion whereas I made a vow to give up my favourite food if Dad recovered well from his triple bypass surgery.  He did and I gave up that meat since 2008.  Do I miss it?  In the beginning, yes.  But it’s been 7 years now and I don’t recall how it tastes at all.

In the same way, our bodies can be conditioned not to crave harmful sugary or junk foods.  Just abstain from them totally and, once sufficient time passes, the urge to eat what we used to love so much decreases.  It’s a lot about willpower.  For quite awhile there, it was pure torment going out with friends because the smell of their sizzling steaks made my mouth water.

Now?  I realise that there’re other wonderful substitutes for beef, such as pork and – our favourite – lamb : )  We had lamburgers, so now I’ll share lamb shank and Guinness stew.  Before cooking, my man helped to remove the bone so I could boil the stock for this dish.  In the meantime, the meat was marinated using herbs, ground black pepper, oyster sauce and Guinness.


Melt butter on high heat till it froths, then brown garlic.  Stir in the lamb chunks and more mixed herbs, then fry till they’re cooked and browned.  Add baby carrots, stock and Guinness, cover and reduce heat to medium low and cook for about an hour.  Replenish the stock and Guinness when necessary.

Once the meat and carrots are sufficiently soft, stir in the onions and cook till soft.  Add salt, ground black pepper and herbs to taste, turn off the stove and serve piping hot.


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