Mini bacon and cheese french toasties

Men have it rough.  They go out into a harsh world and compete with everyone else for accolades, promotions and, above all, money.  They fight for their teams, as well as provide for their spouses and families.  They’re not allowed to show weakness because, well, they’re men and they’re expected to be tough, strong and domineering!

So as their women, it’s only natural to show our appreciation by providing our men with a safe haven to return to.  With us, there’s no need to be Mr Tough Guy.  They can pour out their frustration and confide about their hopes and dreams.  We can listen and support, as well as provide helpful suggestions, then leave them to make sensible decisions.  And and and… we can feed them! 😛


I love feeding mine 😛

French toast is a breakfast classic, but I wanted to add something he likes.  It’s 1 of those quick and easy snacks that can be whipped up in a jiffy.  Remove crusts on slices of bread and quarter them.  Fry chopped bacon and place a little on half of the bread quarters.  Quarter cheddar slices and add them to the bacon, then top with the plain bread quarters.

Dip the entire thing into a beaten egg, repeat with the rest.  Fry them till golden brown and the cheese starts to melt.  They’re soooooooo yummy! 😛


Wishing you fun,



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