Clothes and spam, mushrooms and omelette

‘Skinny’ ladies in the US are commonly referred to as ‘slim’ in other parts of the world.  I WAS a US size 2 pre-vanity sizing.  After vanity sizing reached Singapore, I was amazed to find out I was labelled a size 00.  There’re also complaints from other slim US women that they can no longer find pretty clothes because sizes are getting bigger in all the malls and shops.

In a past entry, I promised to introduce these ladies to online retailers who stock pretty apparel for petites.  Here’s 1 of my favourites! : )  The clothes are relatively good quality and, if you convert SGD to USD, they’re affordable too!  Best of all, the designs are sassy, sexy and modern.  The store also updates its stock regularly, so there’s always something new to browse!

Go ahead and click on it, the link will open in a new window : )

Just to whet your appetites and give you an inkling of what gorgeousness you’ll find…

These are just the dresses, but you get the idea.  The retailer also sells tops, bottoms, rompers, swimsuits and accessories!  Oh oh oh before I forget, there’s international shipping so no worries if you’re living abroad! : )  Enjoy your shopping! #effyourbeautystandards

Whilst you’re busy a-clickin’ away, you might just get a little hungry.  So here’s a snack which I made for my man (and a portion for myself too :P).


Yup, the portion is tiny because… it’s a snack! 😛  But you get to indulge in spam and the rest is pretty healthy.  Nori tastes wonderful with a 1-egg omelette and mushrooms stir-fried with a little beer!  So even if you don’t have it whilst you’re browsing, perhaps it’s an idea for you the next time your tummy starts protesting *winks* #haes #bodypositive #thinprivilege

Wishing you fun,



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