Who says salads are boring?

My man! 😛

Thankfully, he exercises and eats in moderation, or he’ll end up looking like an elephant (and move as slowly as one too :P).  In a previous entry, I posted salad lunches with friends and colleagues.  Each and every one is different.  You’ll be surprised at the variety once you start ordering them!

I don’t prepare salads at home because my man and I eat together all the time.  Otherwise, I would be adding fish roe and caviar to mine!!!  Restaurants and salad bars are wonderful because they come up with so many different toppings and dressings that make salads taste so good : )


Chicken karaage salad at Sushi King when we crossed the border to Johor Bahru for a day of shopping : )  I bought so many clothes at Sub Zero!!! 😀  The dresses and skirts are so sexy and pretty that I couldn’t resist them, especially during the sale.  They fit smaller figures wonderfully : )


Mozzarella salad at Brotzeit, a German restaurant my friends and I like visiting.  Lindy, Yen Ling and I had an icy cold beer there on a Friday and we had a great time chatting and laughing away!  Yen Ling and I shared a large portion because she doesn’t have a large appetite either.  Women don’t eat the same amount as men do 😛 #haes #bodypositive #thinprivilege

For those smaller-sized western ladies who have a hard time finding clothes their size now that stores are stocking larger apparel, I’ll introduce you to some Asian online retailers who ship internationally in a future entry.  It’s a shame to wear dresses so large that we end up looking like we’re draped in trash bags when we work so hard to maintain our weight. #effyourbeautystandards#

Wishing you fun,



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