Assam sausage soup

During my stay in Hawaii, I had the pleasure of trying a friend’s auntie’s Portuguese sausage soup.  It was so delicious that I looked up the recipe, but gave it a local twist when my man suffered from a very severe flu.  I passed the virus to him whilst he was taking care of me during the illness and, boy did I feel bad!


During the flu, we lose our appetites, thanks to stuffy noses and loss of our sense of smell.  So the food has to be very flavourful in order to tempt the sick person to eat more.  I made this assam soup by first frying carrots, then adding water and letting them boil till very soft.  Then I added the sliced onion and mushrooms and sausages.

Finally, when all the veggies are soft, add a little soy sauce, mixed herbs, Chinese rice wine and some assam powder.  Just after turning off the heat, add 2 beaten eggs and leave them to cook, stirring them occasionally so they form large pieces.  Thankfully, the dish managed to whet his appetite : )


Wishing you fun,



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