Sausage stew

If one bothers to Google, there’re articles about the habits of slim people.  I’ve gone through some of them and, if you’re looking to lose weight, I’ll list those that coincide with how I actually lead my life everyday.  Hopefully it helps you.  I wish you all the best along your journey towards a healthier lifestyle : ) #haes #bodypositive #thinprivilege

1.  Slim folks are more fidgety.

This is true.  It’s very difficult to sit still for hours.  My man and I prefer to watch movies at home rather than in the theatres because, at any time we want, we can pause the DVD, walk about, run to grab water, stretch, take a break at the balcony, so on and so forth.  Whilst making a stew that requires an hour or so of cooking, I’m standing there doing core exercises and marching on the spot.

2.  Slim folks eat when hungry.

Food has never been, is not and will never be a priority.  It’s not that I don’t eat; I do.  I eat when hungry.  Since my meal portions are generally not large, I snack on a handful of roasted green peas, cashew nuts, a slice or 2 of cheese or a pack of milk.  Otherwise, there really isn’t a need to eat when there’re so many other things to demand my time!

3.  Slim folks do not eat till their stomachs are bursting.

Eating till one can barely breathe or groans from a stuffed belly is pure torment until the food is somewhat digested.  There’re instances when we can’t help over-eating; so after 45 minutes’ rest, I’ll start power walking to speed up the digestion process.  Most of the time, however, I’ll only eat to the point where I’m not hungry, or comfortable.

4.  Slim folks drink water.

Yes, I do, plenty of it.  On certain days, my man adds lemon to our ice cold water after working out.  Yum! : )  I also drink tea without sugar and lattes because then there’s no need to add sugar.  Sodas don’t taste very good and fruit juices are fine only when they’re freshly squeezed.  Otherwise, they’re far too sweet.

5.  Slim people practice portion control.

Actually, it isn’t so much ‘control’ after awhile.  Over time, when we learn not to eat to the point of bursting, our appetites naturally shrink to what sustains us at a healthy level.  We’ll know when to put down the cutlery and stop eating.  It just comes naturally once our bodies get used to it.

6.  Slim folks are physically active.

It’s sort of similar to point 1.  We like to move.  Personally, I love perspiring as it flushes out toxins in the system and, after a workout, a shower feels especially wonderful.  The body feels so cleansed! : )  Because of a vehicle accident years back, I cannot lift too heavy weights otherwise it hurts my back.  But I can still do light weights, squats, push-ups and cardio : ) #effyourbeautystandards#

7.  Slim folks eat fresh food.

This is perhaps the most important of all.  Occasionally, we do eat yummy spam/luncheon meat, sausages and chicken nuggets, but most of the time, we eat fresh – meat, eggs and plenty of veggies.  By cutting out refined carbs and junk food and living life according to these 7 points, I’ve managed to keep my weight at a healthy level for my frame : )

Well, I mentioned the occasional processed food, right? 😛  Well, I love sausages.  I love those cheesy ones encased in crunchy skin.  MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMM ❤  1 night, I couldn’t take it any longer and decided that we should treat ourselves to something yummy 😛


Junk food tastes so goooooooooooooooood 😛  Our dinner was so late, it should be called supper instead.  But that’s truly the beauty of only eating when hungry; we can eat at whatever time we want and not worry about gaining too much weight.  Note the portion size too!

I fried baby carrots in garlic and butter, then boiled them in stock for about half an hour.  Once tender, stir in cut sausages and onions and cook till soft.  In the meantime, season with a little pasta sauce, some mixed herbs, ground black pepper and beer.  Bring to the boil, then turn off heat and stir in 1 beaten egg.

We have a reasonably small portion each, enough to not feel hungry and for a good night’s sleep : )


Wishing you fun,



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