Eggplant and onions can be healthy snacks!

People are angry at social justice warriors or SJWs and, after reading comments sections of different online articles, I can see why.  SJWs are just about the most annoying group of individuals who police others’ opinions, shouting down those who give their honest views, verbally abusing others in numbers and trying to shut down sites they deem as ‘bullying’.

Case in point – concern about the rising obesity rates in western nations.  Despite the statistics showing that people ARE indeed getting larger, these crazy watchdogs do their level best to silence those who call out the overweight who’re simply too lazy to lead healthy lives.

They condone the excuses of the obese who do not have medical conditions or injuries.  Whilst I don’t verbally abuse the overweight and accord them with cordiality and courtesy, I must concede that it’s unpleasant to be stuck behind inconsiderate fat people blocking walkways when in a hurry or having them take up my space in flights, seats, or public transport.

I will NOT throw eggs nor tell the obese that they should commit suicide.  Neither will I hope tragedy befalls them.  However, they shouldn’t be mollycoddled nor abuse their victim status to the point where simply stating honest and rational opinions, or even mentioning one can maintain a healthy weight, is viewed as fat shaming.

People have the right to their opinions and they also have the right to voice them.  If they find the obese unattractive, not sexy or ugly, they have the right to say it.  If they think being fat isn’t healthy, they also have the right to say so without being shamed for their views and insulted as human beings. #effyourbeautystandards#

If they – legitimately – think that many fat folks are giving poor excuses and deny their over-eating habits, their basis is equally valid.  Why must everything be soooooo politically correct with disclaimers added to exclude those with medical conditions and the injured?  Hello, fitness experts advocate weightlifting, which I can’t do due to a previous back injury.  I’m not bleating to all and sundry that they’re shaming me!

That’s because I still make an effort to do exercises that don’t leave my back in pain.  There’re so many ways to keep active.  No time?  Well, many of us work.  We just choose to sacrifice TV time to work out instead.  I’m not defensive when people talk about strenuous workouts, nor shriek like a banshee when attractive models appear on billboard ads and on TV.

This is what being truly confident and happy with one’s body is all about.  There’s no need to be over-sensitive about everything and bellow about shaming.

Do the SJWs understand this?  Apparently not.  The fact that they don’t know me as a person won’t matter.  To them, I’m a skinny bitch and fat shamer.  They won’t know how, when I come across someone – even a stranger on the internet – who genuinely wants to lose weight, will offer encouragement and advice.  I’ll get involved with their journey so they know somebody takes an interest in their lives and feel supported.  This can be seen in my Disqus profile – Aquarius Moon.

They won’t know that I have overweight friends and love them to bits.  My man, when we first started dating, commented, “Why are so many of your friends fat?”  That means ‘thick’ or ‘chubby’ in western societies, but thankfully, we don’t live in such politically correct environments here and feel free to be honest.

Why?  Because they feel accepted by me!  As long as they’re hygienic and still place importance on personal grooming, I’m glad to hang out with them and do activities like shopping together.  Do these SJWs know it?  They don’t.  Neither do the fat women who call me arrogant just because they PERCEIVE fat shaming where there’s none.

Do the SJWs think they’re helping the overweight?  Not at all.  I won’t rehash the many arguments and medical professional opinions online about the harmful effects of obesity.  By policing others’ honest and valid opinions, by trying to silence folks who’re not fat shaming but who truly want to improve society, these crazy lunatics only make it more acceptable for people to grow even bigger.

Will they improve the quality of life of obese individuals?  Not 1 bit.  They don’t see tough love as a means to solve a problem, because their way is the ONLY way.  Their mollycoddling is right, everything else is wrong.  To all the SJWs out there who’ve tried to silence those who disagree with your views: STOP YOUR BARKING.

Now to the overweight folks who want to give healthy eating a try, here’s a healthy snack that my man loves.  He hates many veggies, so I try to cook more of those that he likes.  It’s delicious!!!  Eat this as a substitute for potato chips or unhealthy junk food : )


We had this during 1 of our detox weekends : )

Melt butter on medium-high heat till it froths.  Fry cut eggplant till it’s almost tender, adding stock to prevent burning.  Stir in the onions and cook till slightly crunchy.  For taste, season the veggies with Japanese soba sauce, teriyaki sauce, sherry and chilli flakes.  Turn off heat and serve immediately. #haea


And to the SJWs: Shut up 😛 #haes

Wishing you fun,



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