Thai style shrimp on mini omelettes

Sawadee kah!


That’s us in Bangkok, where the delightful wait staff very sweetly obliged when we asked him to take our picture.  I love Thai food and love, love, LOVE the shopping even more!  Not only are there fantastic massages and cheap clothes and skincare, one can also buy quality apparel by local designers at a fraction of prohibitively expensive international designers’ prices!

So here’s a snack we enjoy : )

2015-05-11 18.49.06

I’ll first share how to make those adorable tiny omelettes.  Beat eggs and add soy sauce, mixed herbs and pepper.  Then, using tiny saucers for soy sauce that can be found in Chinese restaurants, grease them with butter, then pour a little egg mixture and heat in the microwave till just cooked.

Cute, right?! 😀

Next, coat the wok with olive oil and brown mashed garlic.  Add shrimp, soy sauce, Chinese rice wine and tom yum paste.  Warm up your little omelettes in the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds, turn off stove heat and arrange your shrimp on each omelette.  I like food to look pretty, although I’m far from artistic 😛


Wishing you fun,



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