Cheese sherry sea bass

There’re many different ways to cook fresh ingredients and it’s fun to surprise my man with tasty dinners.  He loved this so much, he asked to have it again 2 days later : )  The fish was seasoned with mixed herbs, sherry, butter, lemon juice and soy sauce.

Heat butter and fry the carrots.  Add stock and sherry and bring to the boil till the carrots are sufficiently softened.  Add the fish and onions till the fish is cooked through and the onions are softened.  Melt cream cheese and mozzarella cheese and ground black pepper.  Stir till the cheese is melted and mixed with the gravy.  Turn off heat and serve immediately.



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1 meat, so many ways

My man and I don’t take beef for our own reasons; his has to do with religion whereas I made a vow to give up my favourite food if Dad recovered well from his triple bypass surgery.  He did and I gave up that meat since 2008.  Do I miss it?  In the beginning, yes.  But it’s been 7 years now and I don’t recall how it tastes at all.

In the same way, our bodies can be conditioned not to crave harmful sugary or junk foods.  Just abstain from them totally and, once sufficient time passes, the urge to eat what we used to love so much decreases.  It’s a lot about willpower.  For quite awhile there, it was pure torment going out with friends because the smell of their sizzling steaks made my mouth water.

Now?  I realise that there’re other wonderful substitutes for beef, such as pork and – our favourite – lamb : )  We had lamburgers, so now I’ll share lamb shank and Guinness stew.  Before cooking, my man helped to remove the bone so I could boil the stock for this dish.  In the meantime, the meat was marinated using herbs, ground black pepper, oyster sauce and Guinness.


Melt butter on high heat till it froths, then brown garlic.  Stir in the lamb chunks and more mixed herbs, then fry till they’re cooked and browned.  Add baby carrots, stock and Guinness, cover and reduce heat to medium low and cook for about an hour.  Replenish the stock and Guinness when necessary.

Once the meat and carrots are sufficiently soft, stir in the onions and cook till soft.  Add salt, ground black pepper and herbs to taste, turn off the stove and serve piping hot.


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Mushroom curry scramble

We had a detox weekend.  My man wasn’t exactly thrilled about it because he missed his meat!  We ate mainly veggies, eggs, cheese and fish like salmon and mackerel.  Boy did he look forward to the start of a new week so he could have proper meat again! 😛  I tried to make his veggies as tasty as possible 😛 #haes #bodypositive #everybodyisbeautiful #fatspo #effyourbeautystandards


Fry shiitake mushrooms in butter, stirring in a little chicken stock at a go to prevent burning.  Beat the eggs with soy sauce, sesame oil and black pepper.  Reduce the stove heat and slowly pour the eggs into the pan.  Season the dish with curry powder, a little milk and scramble till the eggs are about 3/4 cooked.  Turn off the heat, continue to cook the eggs to desired consistently, then serve.


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Good food at Otto Locanda

It’s always lovely to catch up with friends!  Guo Ming and I met up with Andrew for a delicious meal at Otto Locanda.  It was great seeing him again : )  Both gentlemen work out on a regular basis and take pride in their appearance.  Thus, we have something in common to chat about over good food : ) #effyourbeautystandards #bodypositive #fatspo #haes #everybodyisbeautiful


Andrew shared that he’d been on the Keto diet, which is very similar to the Paleo diet.  He was getting used to it and felt better after a while.  His colleague dropped 11 kilos after embracing the diet, go figure!  Guo Ming is NEVER on a diet AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA but he balances his food intake with intensive gym workouts, so he keeps in shape.  Me?  I just try to eat well and my portions aren’t huge anyway. #effyourbeautystandards

Lucky me gets to dine with 2 good-looking dudes!

Ok ok, moving onto the food now 😛


Eggplant parmigiana

Heavenly heavenly heavenly heavenly heavenly heavenly heavenly!!!  I’m so going to try this at home 1 day and surprise my man!  But this wasn’t the only dish.  Another menu item that I couldn’t resist was………………


Scallops on potato puree

Can somebody scream DIVINE???!!!  The scallops were juicy and springy and incredibly fresh but what sent shivers of ecstasy down my spine were the little pools of potato puree.  It was so fluffy, so light, so frothy, so creamy, eating it was ALMOST as pleasurable as a loving kiss.

It’s fun dining with friends, especially those with similar interests.  It could be exercise.  It could be cooking.  It could be an appreciation for delicious food.  It could be music.  It could be movies.  It could be travel.  It could be girly things like shopping, clothes, make-up, shoes and jewellery.

It’s common interests that sustain friendships.  After all, if there’s no common ground, it’s really hard to spend time together without being totally bored.

Wishing you fun,


Easy peasy soba

When we work, there frequently isn’t much time to prepare roasts, stews and fancy dinners.  One dish meals are thus a godsend to busy working adults : )  There’re many recipes that can be found online and it can be a whole lot of fun trying them out.  Dinner can be ready in as little as 20 minutes!

Few meals are more comforting than piping hot soup noodles.  Plus, if you have stock in the freezer, it’s quick to prepare!  Boil your soba till soft and plunge into iced water.  In the meantime, fry ham julienne and sliced shiitake mushrooms in chopped garlic and butter.  Add the stock and continue cooking till the mushrooms soften.


Add your noodles, soy sauce or fish sauce, pepper and enough Chinese rice wine to make everyone really happy.  Turn off the heat, stir in a beaten egg and top with shredded nori.  Serve immediately. #haes #bodypositive #thinprivilege


Wishing you fun,


Mini bacon and cheese french toasties

Men have it rough.  They go out into a harsh world and compete with everyone else for accolades, promotions and, above all, money.  They fight for their teams, as well as provide for their spouses and families.  They’re not allowed to show weakness because, well, they’re men and they’re expected to be tough, strong and domineering!

So as their women, it’s only natural to show our appreciation by providing our men with a safe haven to return to.  With us, there’s no need to be Mr Tough Guy.  They can pour out their frustration and confide about their hopes and dreams.  We can listen and support, as well as provide helpful suggestions, then leave them to make sensible decisions.  And and and… we can feed them! 😛


I love feeding mine 😛

French toast is a breakfast classic, but I wanted to add something he likes.  It’s 1 of those quick and easy snacks that can be whipped up in a jiffy.  Remove crusts on slices of bread and quarter them.  Fry chopped bacon and place a little on half of the bread quarters.  Quarter cheddar slices and add them to the bacon, then top with the plain bread quarters.

Dip the entire thing into a beaten egg, repeat with the rest.  Fry them till golden brown and the cheese starts to melt.  They’re soooooooo yummy! 😛


Wishing you fun,


Clothes and spam, mushrooms and omelette

‘Skinny’ ladies in the US are commonly referred to as ‘slim’ in other parts of the world.  I WAS a US size 2 pre-vanity sizing.  After vanity sizing reached Singapore, I was amazed to find out I was labelled a size 00.  There’re also complaints from other slim US women that they can no longer find pretty clothes because sizes are getting bigger in all the malls and shops.

In a past entry, I promised to introduce these ladies to online retailers who stock pretty apparel for petites.  Here’s 1 of my favourites! : )  The clothes are relatively good quality and, if you convert SGD to USD, they’re affordable too!  Best of all, the designs are sassy, sexy and modern.  The store also updates its stock regularly, so there’s always something new to browse!

Go ahead and click on it, the link will open in a new window : )

Just to whet your appetites and give you an inkling of what gorgeousness you’ll find…

These are just the dresses, but you get the idea.  The retailer also sells tops, bottoms, rompers, swimsuits and accessories!  Oh oh oh before I forget, there’s international shipping so no worries if you’re living abroad! : )  Enjoy your shopping! #effyourbeautystandards

Whilst you’re busy a-clickin’ away, you might just get a little hungry.  So here’s a snack which I made for my man (and a portion for myself too :P).


Yup, the portion is tiny because… it’s a snack! 😛  But you get to indulge in spam and the rest is pretty healthy.  Nori tastes wonderful with a 1-egg omelette and mushrooms stir-fried with a little beer!  So even if you don’t have it whilst you’re browsing, perhaps it’s an idea for you the next time your tummy starts protesting *winks* #haes #bodypositive #thinprivilege

Wishing you fun,