Happy Daddy’s Day : )

My family comprises of a daddy’s girl and mommy’s boy.  Dad and I are so close, we text each other daily.  After his triple bypass in 2008, he became more focused on healthy living.  He eats proper, nutritious food and exercises moderately; nothing too strenuous for the heart, but enough power walking to work up a sweat.  He also does weights for some nice biceps and chest muscles!

2015-06-21 08.18.50

His health scare affected me very badly and it is the reason my lifestyle shifted towards healthy living (in moderation, of course :P).  It’s been a journey since 2008, with gradual but permanent changes and improvements towards more physical activity and good, nutritious food.


So on Father’s Day, I took Dad to Oscar’s at Conrad Centennial Hotel for a delicious breakfast.  The buffet spread was fantastic!  There was a good variety of cuisines to choose from!  We eagerly took our plates.  But just because it was a buffet didn’t mean we had to stuff ourselves silly. #haes

We would rather fill our stomach spaces with fresh food : )  Here’s mine:



And that’s it.  My appetite isn’t large by nature, which fits my petite 5’4″ frame.  Sure, it’s tempting to eat enough food to get one’s money’s worth and I’ve seen many who do so.  However, a higher price tag doesn’t mean we need to compensate by eating copious amounts of food #fatisnotafeeling.

The premium we pay goes towards fresher, better quality ingredients, more refined cooking, better presentation and a gorgeous ambience.

2015-06-21 08.19.16

Most importantly, Dad was happy spending time bonding with his daughter.  He sent me a very touching text after and it warmed my heart.  I wish him good health and hope that he’s with me for many years to come.  When we love our family, isn’t that what we all wish for them?

Wishing you fun,



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