The brand new iHotel

I promised to share part of our lives in this blog, but to date, nothing much was mentioned 😛  So it seems like we do nothing but stay home and cook 😛  Nothing can be further from the truth!  We enjoy mini getaways, particularly if there’s a long weekend when a public holiday falls on a Friday or Monday.

Work stress is part and parcel of life.  This year has been particularly stressful, as the organisation is undergoing restructuring.  My boss and I take turns to fall sick.  My man decided it was time to whisk me off to Batam to check out a spanking new hotel and for some much-needed rest and relaxation : )


The deluxe balcony room is GORGEOUS!!!


We hung our clothes outside to dry after washing them during our showers.  This is particularly useful because we work out after every meal to ensure minimal weight gain during our trips.  We eat A LOT when abroad, so much discipline is required with regards to exercise!












Because the hotel is newly opened, all the equipment is also brand new! 😀  It helped make our workouts less dreary.  My man doesn’t enjoy exercising but does it to maintain his weight and physique.  Me?  I love the adrenalin rush and the clean feeling of a shower after all the sweat!


So nope, we most certainly don’t deprive ourselves of delicious local food during our mini getaways.  We just make sure we keep in shape by balancing our sudden sharp increase in food intake with exercise.  Some may argue against the calories in, calories out theory, but for us, it works.

Wishing you fun,



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