Salted egg yolk pork ribs

Some days ago, a nasty woman insulted slim figures and labelled them ‘anorexic’.  She spewed so much hatred and, since I was waiting for my man to have dinner, decided to respond with ‘Slim-bashing much?’  She turned even more vile after being called out and tried to bait me into admitting that I’m pro-ana 😛

I was giggling as I replied her posts, because her intention was only sooooo obvious, the presumptuous cow 😛  After she realised that she couldn’t manipulate me into admitting that I’m pro-ana, she gave up.  But of course!  I can’t – and refuse to – admit to what I don’t advocate!

2015-06-26 08.12.32

Ribs not sticking out?


Not emaciated?


So where is the evidence of pro-ana?  I’m still alive, I’m not hospitalised nor gravely ill, I still have the energy to exercise daily, I’m not frail.  So really, if any of these jealous and nasty loony bins try to hate or shame me into eating a burger, no thanks.  YOU can go eat too much; I’d rather stick to sensible portions, thank you. #effyourbeautystandards #haes


What we DO love, is good food.  My man loves this so much, he insisted that I share the recipe.  So here goes.  Poke holes into the pork ribs and rub in soy sauce, sesame oil, Chinese rice wine and ground black pepper.  Leave it in the fridge overnight so that the meat soaks up as much of the marinade as possible.

Melt butter at high heat in the wok, then brown and crisp mashed garlic.  Add pork ribs and fry till slightly browned and cooked through.  Take out the ribs and garlic, leaving the grease.  Mix together on low heat stock and Chinese rice wine.  Add 1 salted egg yolk and mash it into the mixture.  Add milk and curry powder.

Once the sauce ingredients are mixed well, add the ribs, bring the mixture to the boil, turn off heat and serve immediately.


Wishing you fun,



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