Avocado and shrimp with wafu sauce

There’re far too many excuses for women not to enter the kitchen – fresh food is expensive, it’s too time-consuming, it’s tiring, yadda yadda yadda *yawn*  Yet, cooking is 1 of the most enjoyable activities in life!  There’re many ways to experiment with sauces and ingredients to zing up a classic and add variety to meals at home.  It’s also incredibly satisfying to see our loved ones eagerly await meal times and sigh with contentment after a delicious dinner.

Cooking may seem expensive, especially when there’s plenty of cheap local food available in Singapore.  We can have prawn noodles and chicken rice for lunch and pay S$3/- or S$3.50 and they’re enough to fill our stomachs.  But after eating dinner at home almost daily, we find that it’s not only cheaper but more enjoyable and comfortable.

Meats, vegetables, cheese, sauces, spices and eggs can be used for several meals.  A huge pot of stock made from boiling a couple of slices of Chinese ham and dried scallops can be frozen and used for various soups, gravies and sauces for 2 to 3 days.  The stock adds more flavour than water too!

Time-consuming?  Yes, for some dishes.  But there’re many recipes that can be found online that are fast and easy to prepare.  We benefit a lot from our home-cooked meals and enjoy them in the comfort of home as well : )  In fact, my man would rather eat light outside and save his tummy space for my food, in part because we always eat together and, in part because the dish is made with both parties’ effort : )


The classic shrimp and avocado is given a twist with the addition of wafu sauce.  I’ve mentioned how to make wafu sauce in a previous entry, so just add it to your shrimp and avocado before serving.

Now what do we do when we cut an unripe avocado?  It’s frustrating, isn’t it?  Well, I just cook it!  I fried these unripe avocado cubes in garlic and olive oil, slowly adding a stock made by dissolving half a teaspoon of marmite in 3/4 cup of water, until they’re soft.  Season with soy sauce, mixed herbs and pepper.

This is 1 of those suppers that we enjoy together : )  A friend saw this picture and asked which restaurant served this dish.  The reply?  ‘My home’ 😛  Quite proud when I said this, actually 😛

Wishing you fun,



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