Much as we love eating together, there’re certain accommodations that need to be made.  He dislikes most veggies and prefers meat, so any veggies have to be cooked till really soft and disguised with sauces and spices 😛  I also love salads but he hates them, so most of the time, I eat them during lunch breaks with colleagues.




The best thing about salads is, we don’t feel lethargic after eating them!  If we consume carbohydrates, we feel so sleepy that work productivity falls.  Salads help us stay mentally alert!  This is smoked salmon caeser salad with crisp turkey bacon at Beanstro at Level B1, Marina Bay Sands.  Do try the yummy minestrone soup too!


My lunch companion, Yen Ling, also loves this smoked salmon and tangerine salad at The Green Bar, Level 1, Millenia Walk.  It’s so refreshing, perfect for a searing hot afternoon!  We reward ourselves with a nice coffee at Starbucks after our light and delicious meal : )



Because salads are filling yet not very heavy, we still have tons of room for healthy tomato soups! : )  This was at a restaurant along Boat Quay.  Yen Ling and I got lost and wandered into the place.  No regrets, because the salad was so good!



People who haven’t yet adopted healthy eating frequently accuse those of us who do of ‘starving’ and say that they don’t know how we could prefer salads and other healthy foods to sinful dishes.  Whilst greasy, fried food is irrevocably heavenly, I do eat those in reasonable portions.  Otherwise, when you’re so used to a clean system, too much sinful food makes you feel yucky afterwards.  And bloated too!

To each his own.  I’m just glad those who kept an open mind tried healthy eating and are now advocates of it! : )  The bonus is, they lose weight along the way and, as their confidence grows, they’re inspired to exercise and adopt healthy lifestyles!  I’m always happy to support them, because they’re shamed by their former circle of ‘friends’.  We all need help and friendship along our journey of health too : )

By the way, vanity sizing has reached Singapore and apparently I’m now a size 00.  What the heck?!

Wishing you fun,



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