Have an egg cracker!

Feeling peckish?  Well, my man has a pretty high metabolism, so he feels peckish on a regular basis.  Instead of him gorging on a can of potato chips or cakes, I relish the chance to enter the kitchen and fix him a healthier and more nutritious snack.  He loves this!  And he loves me cooking for him too! : )

When we first got together, my man said, “Let’s get really fat together!”  I flatly refused; it’s great to get comfortable and eat together, but it’s even better if we stay in shape and healthy.  Going out and looking good as a couple boosts confidence and we have more fun than if we were to balloon into a couple that is no longer healthy.


This is a giant egg chip! 😛  Ok, it’s actually an omelette but fried at high heat till crispy.  Slide onto a plate with paper towels to absorb the excess oil.  When slightly cooled and ready to serve, remove the paper towels.  These are so crunchy, fragrant and satisfying, it’s tempting to eat more than 1! 😛

But we don’t 😛 #haes

Wishing you fun,



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