Bacon and mushroom cheesy dip

Whilst it’s fun to dress up and check out new restaurants or, perhaps, party occasionally, it’s a lot more rewarding to have beer and movie nights at home and making tasty treats together.  As I said before, men demonstrate commitment by spending time with their partners – time they can easily spend doing other stuff.

My Man told his friends that there’s no reason for him to go out any more; sure, recognition and achievements at work are all fine and good.  But nothing spells success to a woman than to have her man choose to be by her side.  He could be doing everything else; but he’d rather be with me : )

So it’s my pleasure to spoil him with tasty suppers!


Melt butter and brown garlic (are you sick of reading this yet? :P) and fry bacon and mushrooms.  Add pasta sauce, then melt 1 slice cheddar and 1 slice mozzarella.  Turn off heat, then add 1 raw egg and stir vigorously till the egg is mixed thoroughly into the mixture.  Serve with toasted breadsticks and/or tortilla chips.


Wishing you fun,



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