Spam, eggs, ham and brown gravy on toast

There’re many definitions of ‘a strong woman’.  Some women have ridiculed me when I comment on an article, equating the willingness to co-operate and support the men in my life with incapability, submissiveness and stupidity.  They shut up when they realise I have a degree, am a specialist in my field and manage a team 😛

A strong, confident woman doesn’t need to be super abrasive.  She doesn’t have to compete with men for recognition, accolades, promotions and the limelight.  When my boss and I first worked together, I made it clear that I wasn’t looking to surpass him; rather, I would like to support him.  After demonstrating this on several occasions, my boss trusts me.  He seeks my opinion and listens to suggestions because he’s confident that he has the final say.  He trusts my decisions for the team in his absence because he’s always informed.  We work on problems and complaints together.  He confides in me when life deals him a tough blow – about work and his private life.

Recently, he said he isn’t my boss; we’re friends.  He’s also fought hard for my promotion because there’s a woman at work – 1 of those proud ‘strong women’ who felt I was competition and sought ways and means to halt my career progression – who opposed it vehemently and has been this way ever since she began her career.

Eventually, I got what I deserved : )  Why?  Because I seek to co-operate with men rather than compete with them.  They depend on my unwavering support and encouragement, as well as seek my opinion.  Does this make me a weak woman?  Not necessarily.  Conversely, it’s the emotional strength that make these men in my life want to be even better.  Everyone wins!

If feminists want to have it all, there’re many ways of achieving it.  Theirs isn’t necessarily the best way.  So if doing what I can to support my man and let him look forward to being with me is being submissive, so be it.  There’s a saying that behind every great man is a great woman.  I like playing the supporting role : )

And 1 of the ways to support my man is to cook! : )


This is really easy to make and a tasty morning treat!  Cut away the skins of white bread and half them, then toast till crisp.  Cut spam into rectangles roughly about the size of the halved bread slices.  Slice ham really thin.  Season 2 eggs with soy sauce, herbs and pepper.

Heat butter in a pan and brown garlic.  Fry spam and ham till cooked through and hot.  Set aside, reserving the grease and chopped garlic in the pan.  Scramble the eggs, then turn off the heat when they’re about 3/4 cooked through.  Continue letting the eggs cook, then slide them into a dish.

Scoop 1 piece of spam onto toast, then layer with scrambled eggs.  Drizzle brown gravy on the eggs, then top with the ham julienne.  Microwave them for about 20 seconds before serving.


Wishing you fun,



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