Mapo tofu

There’s the perception that Asian women are:

Easy to bed.


Stupid dolls.



So destitute, we’re desperate to migrate to a western country.

These are the derogatory remarks some bitter western women make when they see white men with Asian partners.

Let me just help you get off your high horses a little : )




Many of us are every bit as educated and capable as our western counterparts, thank you very much.  Here is a catch up with friends over a restaurant meal.  Does it look shabby at all to you?


*eh hem*

So what was that you’re saying again? 😛

For the record, not all of us worship white men.  They’re men!  We’re not so desperate for your arrogant and pompous alpha boys.  What we look for is strength and integrity in our partners.  In other words, good and decent men who know how to take care of us.


Sorry to burst your bubble, ladies 😛

We do it all AND find time to take care of and feed our men.


Fry minced pork and chopped garlic in butter till the meat is browned nicely.  Add egg tofu and stock, let it simmer a little.  Add soy sauce, pepper and a little sambal to taste, then finish off with Chinese rice wine before turning off the heat.  Serve immediately with rice or noodles.

Asian women aren’t empty-headed dolls.  Not all of us are eager to sleep with Caucasian men.  We still retain our traditional values and morals; we’d much rather date and wait to see if a man is good and decent enough to love and spend our time with.

So the next time you see a white man and asian woman couple, perhaps you could be a tad more open-minded and acknowledge that love CAN exist between them.  It probably does and it’s not always because of yellow fever or white fever.  It’s because 2 people, regardless of race, decided that they’re meant to be together.

Love is a beautiful thing.  Try not to cheapen it, yah? : )

Wishing you fun,



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