Cold soba with ham and wafu sauce

In the US, the UK, Australia and select parts of Europe, feminism has taken a distinctive, sinister turn.  Women think they’re equal to men and that they’re entitled to do everything men can do – including engaging in the female version of ‘manwhore’ behaviour, such as sleeping around, being female chauvinists and bashing men.

Yet, when men protest against this phenomenon, these shemales then turn around and viciously berate the men, swearing at them in utterly vulgar language and accusing them of being sexist.  So how is bashing men and tarring all with the same tainted brush not sexist as well?  It truly boggles the mind.

My Man and I discuss this sometimes; his opinion is that it’s the reason they remain alone.  I hafta agree.  Yes, they end up alone.  No man is gonna wanna sign up for such torment.  Many western women think that they shouldn’t cook until a man puts a wedding ring on their fingers.  This is how they win commitment.

Except… it isn’t.  Once a man spends most of his time with a woman, it already demonstrates commitment on his part.  He could be using that time hanging out with the boys, sports, hobbies, spending time with his parents, so on and so forth.  Why shouldn’t he then be rewarded with creature comforts such as a hot home-cooked meal?


To each her own *shrug*  Meanwhile, weekend lunches are usually light and simple affairs.  We usually share 1 portion of food.  The weather has been hot as a furnace lately, so I prepared this rare cold dish and he loves it! : )  It’s incredibly simple and fast to make, with minimal cooking involved!

Buckwheat soba, cooked and chilled, is mixed with ham julienne and drizzled with wafu sauce.  Wafu sauce is a savoury and tangy delight, made by mixing equal parts Japanese shoyu and grain vinegar and just a drop or 2 of veggie oil.  I use sesame oil for fragrance.  Chill it, then pour over the cold noodles and ham.


Wishing you fun,



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