Egg ‘hotcakes’ with sauteed mushrooms and bacon

Both of us work, so weekend breakfasts are something that My Man looks forward to.  He’s ever so willing to pick up the groceries and help with the carrying.  It’s always great to have a manly guy because I’m puny and have a very small skeletal frame.

There’s more time to prepare a nutritious and yummy breakfast on weekends.  He loves it when I experiment in the kitchen, coming up with odd stuff we don’t find locally.  In Singapore at least, the usual Chinese household eats very different food for a typical morning meal.

Experimenting in the kitchen means he doesn’t really get bored and, in fact, looks forward to filling his stomach with the strange dishes he’s served : )


This Saturday morning, I made flour-less egg ‘hotcakes’ with sauteed bacon and mushrooms.  No quantity of ingredients will be specified since it’s up to each household to determine portion sizes.  For us, at least, this is what I use.

For each ‘hotcake’, I use 1 egg.  Each person has 2 eggs, or 2 ‘hotcakes’.  Season eggs with soya sauce, a sprinkle of Italian herb mix and pepper.  Lightly beat them.  In 1 of those ridiculously tiny (and very adorable) pans, heat up olive oil and swirl.  When the oil is hot enough, add the egg and let it set.  Once the egg is set, slide it off on a plate.  Repeat for the rest of the eggs.

Everyone knows how to saute bacon and mushrooms, so I won’t rehash the details.  What makes the filling of this dish more fragrant is the addition of beer.  Yes, beer.  You can set aside the remainder for other dishes of the day, or gulp it down.  Hey, you should be rewarded for your efforts anyway! 😛

Once the bacon and mushrooms are cooked, divide the egg ‘hotcakes’ into plates.  Spoon the filling on 1 ‘hotcake’, flatten, then cover with the second.  Repeat with the rest.  For the sauce, just heat some pasta sauce and melt a little cheese into it.  Kraft singles or cheddar do just nicely.

Spoon a dollop onto the top ‘hotcake’.

This last step is optional.  I do it because My Man likes his food hot.  So just before serving, I dunk each plate into the microwave and heat it again for 15 seconds.


Wishing you fun,



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